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21 Emancipation

3CD boxset. Very decent pop album, there is no highlights/hits songs, but there is also no weak spots, music is on the same level. - dubbelvla

22 The Black Album
23 HITNRUN Phase Two

His last proper release and containing some true classics. Prince went out with a bang, has Stare and Revelation which compare to the 1980s Prince in levels of pure genius.

24 Graffiti Bridge
25 Art Official Age

Decent R&B album has nice songs like "Way Back Home" or "U Know" - dubbelvla

26 Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale
27 Chaos and Disorder

Outtakes from "The gold experience" album released by Warner studio but refused by Prince. Its good to find out some of this songs in different unofficial versions (like title track "Chaos&Disorder" in previous first version). Has nice songs like: "I Will" or "I Rock, Therefore I Am". - dubbelvla

28 Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic

Decent pop album from 1999 has nice songs like: "The Sun, the Moon and Stars" or "So Far, So Pleased" (what Gwen Stefani) or single "The Greatest Romance Ever Sold" or hidden jamming track "Prettyman" - dubbelvla

29 Plectrumelectrum
30 Hitnrun Phase One
31 20Ten
32 4Ever
33 Ultimate Prince
34 The Hits/The B-Sides
35 The Rainbow Children
36 Dream Factory
37 Camille
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