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41 The Arms of Orion
42 Musicology
43 I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

So simple. So delightful. The best version of this song is found in the 'sign of the times' concert movie. The song's guitar solo blew me away. I started to learn the guitar soon afterwards. Still do. Thanks P

Excellent song, unforgettable melody, great lyrics. One of the best pieces of a masterpiece album.

44 Pop Life

Great song to hear

Whats the matter with yo life, is the poverty bring u down?

45 Anna Stesia

It ravished me and liberated my mind.

46 Compassion
47 Partyman

The song that showcases everything that makes Prince great. Killer vocals, catchy beat, and a hook that makes Partyman a party anthem.

48 P Control
49 Delirious

A great song with awesome beat

50 D.M.S.R.

Great beat and song

51 Fury

Great guitar great song from 10 years ago

52 She's Always in My Hair
53 Sexy Dancer
54 Head

My fave

55 Hot Thing
56 Uptown
57 I Wish U Heaven V 1 Comment
58 Do Me, Baby

Listen with your heart body and soul people

One of my top 10

59 Housequake V 1 Comment
60 Let's Pretend We're Married

Just unbeliveable

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