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61 The Morning Papers
62 Every Part
63 The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
64 I Wonder U
65 Slow Love
66 Under the Cherry Moon
67 Bonus #77
68 Computer Blue

Great guitar and creatively genius

V 3 Comments
69 Endorphinmachine

Powerful and full, awesome riff

This is prince's rockiest song thaat everyone should give a listen to. Its right under purple rain for me.

70 The Marrying Kind
71 Breakfast Can Wait V 2 Comments
72 3 Chains O' Gold

Starts smooth and relaxing but ends with turbulence and exhaustion.

73 Bambi

This song is brilliant, I discovered this song late but can't stop listening to it, hard to believe he was singing about these things so early is his career.

74 Partyman

The song that showcases everything that makes Prince great. Killer vocals, catchy beat, and a hook that makes Partyman a party anthem.

75 Lady Cab Driver V 1 Comment
76 Trust
77 Thunder
78 Violet the Organ Grinder

Amazing little known track that's hypnotised me ever since it's release. With the 'gett off' base and Violet-Prince again in a bizarre sexualité relationship.. 'I live 4 the organ... '

79 Stevie Wonder
80 Electric Chair
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