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1 Sharpshooter

The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. No one pulls this submission hold like Bret "The Hitman" Hart!

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2 Hell's Gate

Undertaker didn't create this submission. It is a triangle choke - SoloPotato

It is the most deadly hold in WWE. It made some people spit blood.

Defintely should be number 1. very real submission. sharpshooter is overrated

3 Figure 4 Leglock

it's easy to apply, and you can juss sit there watching your enemy SUFFeR! - SmoothCriminal

4 Walls of Jericho

I had a 10 man battle royal with my Cousins, nd I elimineted 6, I eliminated them by this move, THE WALLS OF JERICHO! - SmoothCriminal

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5 Crippler Crossface

Date:October 22 Year:2010, Where:in my classroom, I did this finisher to my enemy, like he was so MAD so he ran after me then I stopped running and he swung his arm to hit me but I maneged to grab it and put him on the floor and applied this move.. and wel... i;m getting sued 4 breaking his arm on november 2... pretty suckish - SmoothCriminal

SO easy to apply, and it could kill ya... so don't get ME MAD!, lolz - SmoothCriminal

6 Sleeper Hold
7 Arm Bar

I do the arm bar to win 14 of my 30 matches in my wrestling league the UWE we've been together for 3 monthes and I'm the only undefeated wrestler. - theviper2


I beat my 21 year old brother with this move and I'm only 9

Its nice john cena

9 Anaconda Vise
10 Khali Vise Grip

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11 Ankle Lock

The best move ever.

12 Kimura Lock

Eat sleep Kimura repeat the deadliest hand lock ever

13 Calf Killer

Definitely the best submission - Sw1g1ty_Sw0g1ty

One of the most... dangerous submission move and it's use by number 1 Wrelter The Phenomenal Aj Styles so this Submission move deserve number 1 Spot

He made y2j tap out with this move

14 The Hart Lock

Come on! This thing is the sharpshooter mixed with hell's gate! It's amazing!

15 Figure Eight Leglock
16 LeBell/Yes/No Lock

Daniel Bryan is one of the most technical wrestlers of all-time. And it's because he perfected this painful submission

If someone has been caught in yes lock, then I don't think he would escape

17 The Muta Lock

The way Muta bridges with it is amazing. It looks like it could snap your neck

18 Lion Tamer

The lion tame ris better than sharpshooter and walls of jericho
just have a look at jericho using lion tamer on Rey Mysterio
It should be No.3

19 Cocina Glitch
20 Brock Lock
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