Why Ruby on Rails is popular?

The first release of Rails was in 2004 and it became popular very soon. At first, it was even considered a kind of silver bullet and a magic ingredient of a successful project. With time the fashion changed and many great new programming languages appeared. The beliefs about RoR became more realistic but still it is a good development framework and it remains very popular.

There are many well-known websites created on Ruby on Rails. Here are some examples:
  • e-commerce giants Airbnb, Groupon;
  • social platforms Dribbble, Diaspora;
  • technical sites GitHub, Heroku.
The key reasons why startups choose RoR:
  • it allows to actualize ideas quickly,
  • it is cost-effective.
So, it is a good choice both for fast start and for continuous development of long-term projects.

There are also many benefits of RoR framework for the developers:
  • lots of open source libraries and tools,
  • rich documentation and educational resources,
  • large rails community can help to fix any problem,
  • stable ecosystem,
  • standard tasks already have ready solutions.

Thus, Ruby on Rails is
predictable, stable and reliable programming platform.