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21 Pascal
22 Prolog
23 ColdFusion
24 Lua

Lua is a simple, intuitive language.

25 Assembly

Assembly is by far the most powerful language on this list

26 Blender

Blender isn't even a programming language. Why is it on here. Blender is a design and animation software, not a programming language.

27 Fortran

If anything, I'm surprised it wasn't previously here. - PositronWildhawk

28 Dart

A very "Basic" language, easy to learn, easy to use.

30 Erlang
31 Lisp

The Lisp-machine never stops going!

The Lisp machine never stops going!

33 Machine Code

It is the brick that started it all. Without Machine code there would be no programming languages.

34 Brainf***
35 Swift

Apple will fight Google for control of the world but with Swift Apple will win

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36 Lolcode
37 TCL
38 Node.js
39 SQL

SQL with procedural features of pl/sql.. it's the back end of all the programming language.. without having knowledge of it, you are no where in the world and your front end programming language sucks.. Very Important language.. must learn it, if you like.. it's not that difficult to learn.. - Dirty_Johnny

40 GML
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