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21 Ocean Machine: Biomech - Devin Townsend

True prog in an atmospheric and emotIonal way. The music itself isn't complex but it conveys many complex emotions. Especially funeral bastard and death of music

"It's like a death, becomes musical, it's musical." Not only the greatest progressive metal album, but in my opinion the greatest ALBUM of all time.

Since I can't find Infinity on this list... OM will do the service. Dev's the man.

Probably THE best album ever

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22 Altered State - Tesseract

Amazing album melodic and great and their best

This is a high-quality djent release, but it's not as heavy as One and is far ponderous.

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23 O3 a Trilogy Part 3 - Dominici

Anybody who considerd themselves a fan of Dream Theater should check out this MASTERPIECE of Progressive Metal! I would say it evens rivals the likes of Images and Words. The songs flow well, they are heavy, progressive, and Charles Dominici pulls off the aggressive vocal style much better than Mr. Labrie. So if you love Prog Metal, then what's not to like?

24 Remedy Lane - Pain of Salvation

This album in my opinion should be in the top 20 at least...excellent musicianship, great vocals...their last great album unfortunately...

25 Permanent Waves - Rush

Rush aren't metal.

26 The Astonishing - Dream Theater
27 In Absentia - Porcupine Tree

A great album from start to finish.

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28 Hypothetical - Threshold

A m a z I n g.

Nothing more to say, dramatic, dreamy, emotional melodies and atmospheres, with a great heaviness and WONDERFUL solos... A MUST!

29 The Sound of Perseverance - Death

Fantastic album! - Spineapple

30 Tall Poppy Syndrome - Leprous

Definitely my favorite Leprous album. Incredible album by an amazing band that deserves more recognition.

31 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden
32 Hemispheres - Rush
33 Back to Times of Splendor - Disillusion
34 Transcendence - Crimson Glory
35 Black Clouds & Silver Linings - Dream Theater

Why is this so low?!

36 The 1st Chapter - Circus Maximus

I would put this top 20 for sure. Circus Maximus is probably the best progressive metal band of the last 10 years or whose debut album came out after 2000.

37 The Way of All Flesh - Gojira
38 Watershed - Opeth
39 V - Symphony X V 3 Comments
40 Focus - Cynic

This was the gold standard of progressive death, but Between the Buried and Me own that honour now.

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