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61 From Here to Eternity - Ballerina

Progressive metal from Indonesia? I shall investigate this band further.

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62 Dream Theater - Dream Theater

No album or band is better than DREAM THEATER - DesL42

63 A Matter of Life and Death - Iron Maiden
64 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater

Six Degrees of inner Turbulence is by far Dream Theater's most underrated Album. It was DT's first attempt at songs about religion and politics, as well as their first try at sounding 'Heavy', so I can see why a lot of people dislike it. However some of the songs on it are simply amazing, such as Blind Faith, and The Glass Prison. Please give it another chance.

Someone actually admitting that Dream Theater aren't really 'heavy'. Respect. So why is their album at the top of a 'Best Progressive Metal Band' thread?

First try at sounding heavy? Umm SFAM had plenty of heavy songs.

So did Awake

65 No Exit - Fates Warning
66 Bath - Maudlin of the Well
67 Periphery - Periphery
68 Abigail - King Diamond

A fantastic concept album that is faultless, and when you have one of the greatest guitarist's on the planet in your band, Andy La Roche, it's hard to fail.

69 Fear of a Blank Planet - Porcupine Tree V 1 Comment
70 The Final Frontier - Iron Maiden
71 Morningrise - Opeth
72 The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold
73 Gutter Ballet - Savatage

I really love Hounds, Gutter Ballet, When The Crowds Are Gone, and especially the unholy

74 Systematic Chaos - Dream Theater
75 The Odyssey - Symphony X

This may not be the number 1 prog album but how in the world is it so low this head to be in the top 20 with out any doubt! - Messej

76 The Parallax II: Future Sequence - Between the Buried and Me

Better than every album on that list

History will show that this remarkable and brutal and progressive death metal album as the high-water mark of modern metal in many years to come, once people get their heads around what they're doing. The likes of this album has never existed before.

I'd say this is the greatest truly heavy progressive concept album here. It's death/thrash/bungle/floyd/polka/ambience for 72 remarkable minutes. It is their The Wall.

In a word, perfection.

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77 Dimension Hatross - Voivod

Are you kidding me? These youngsters don't seem to know Voivod. This is certainly their best album; it's Motorhead meets Pink Floyd on bath salts, and I'm not talking about the kind your mom uses! Listen to Tribal Convictions.

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78 Accelerated Evolution - Devin Townsend
79 Volition - Protest the Hero

Very technical metal/hardcore that delivers excellent musicianship and vocal skills. They probably belong here more so than a thrash thread.

80 Orchid - Opeth
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