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81 Human - Death
82 BE - Pain of Salvation
83 Deliverance - Opeth
84 Leaving Your Body Map - Maudlin of the Well
85 Heritage - Opeth

The new era of Opeth is defined as classic prog. I would love a death metal vocal track mixed in with the keys though...

86 A Change of Seasons - Dream Theater V 1 Comment
87 Rage for Order - Queensryche

This album, to me, is Queensryche at their finest. It is substantially more technical and progressive than Operation Mindcrime, and so textured and memorable that I wouldn't even know where to start...

88 Coma Ecliptic - Between the Buried and Me

Their latest is their most accessible, and is probably the best jumping point for newcomers to their material, it loses a lot of its death metal growls but is still as deranged as anything they've ever done.

89 Red - King Crimson

Basically invented Prog Metal

90 Epica - Kamelot
91 Tyranny - Shadow Gallery

Very good, but their debut is better

92 A Pleasant Shade of Gray - Fates Warning
93 Dance of Balet - Ballerina

The Best Album Progressive Metal For Indonesia Music Awards 2008 m/

94 Perfect Symmetry - Fates Warning
95 01011001 - Ayreon
96 Control and Resistance - Watchtower

Magnificent technical metal which, if memory serves me correct, was the first ever truly progressive metal album ever made.

Still unmatched after almost 3 decades. This album set the standard for progressive tech metal!

97 Andromeda Unchained - Anubis Gate
98 Recipe for Disaster - Third Eye

A dark but yet beautiful album. Prog power in your face.

99 Snowfall On Judgment Day - Redemption
100 The Joy of Motion - Animals As Leaders

How is this album not close to the top, its an absolute masterpiece, it joins the aggression of metal with jazz elements and also electronic. Its incredible.

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