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141 Mer de Noms - A Perfect Circle

From The Hollow, to Rose, to Judith, to 3 Libras, this album is a masterpiece.

142 Odyssey/Scala - Tesseract

An incredible live cd/dvd set with their reunited One line-up, this is heavy and epic.

143 Undertow - Tool

From Intolerance, to Prison Sex, to Sober, to Disgustipated, this is the album that blew people's minds apart as to how emotive and heavy and great progressive rock could be. The young Maynard James Keenan was criticised at the time for his nasally vocal style and high literature lyrics, but history has spoken about how great both the band and Maynard are. It was very reminiscent of the release of Metallica's Kill 'em All...very few people understood it, but Undertow didn't leave my player for months, just like every other Tool release.

144 Abigail - King Diamond

A fantastic concept album that is faultless, and when you have one of the greatest guitarist's on the planet in your band, Andy La Roche, it's hard to fail.

145 Promised Land - Queensryche

The last truly great Queensryche album, this one drops the commerciality of Empire and goes with in a whole new direction. All of their great albums did...

146 Purgatory Dance Party - Polkadot Cadaver

Drawing heavily from Mr Bungle, this is a very impressive and accomplished progressive rock/metal album, as you'd expect from former members of Dog Fashion Disco. As Bungle-esque as it is, you still won't have heard many albums as unique as this one.

147 Empire - Queensryche

Because it's Queensryche, that's why. There's a handful of classics amid all the commerciality, but it's still a great record which sent them into the stratosphere. Not my favourite, but probably 20,000,000 other people's favourite.

148 Colours - Between the Buried and Me

Regarded as the greatest progressive death metal/jazz fusion/ambient/polka release since Focus, by Cynic, this album is brutal and sublime in execution.

149 Master of Puppets - Metallica

Wait! What people seem to forget is that not only were Metallica the first and best ever thrash band, but they were the first ever progressive thrash band. Tracks like The Thing That Should Not Be, Sanitarium, Leper Messiah and Orion were all progressive metal tracks. That's what separates them from all that followed in their wake. Ride the Lightning and And Justice For All...are progressive metal records, too.

150 The Wolves at Winter's Edge - Like Thieves

Quality Australian heavy rock from Clint Boge (ex-frontman of Butterfly Effect), which has its progressive moments thrown in among all the remarkable tracks on this 5-track ep.

151 Autumn's Twilight - Like Thieves

As stated before, this is Australian vocal talent Clint Boge's new band and is the 6-track follow-up to their The Wolves At Winter's Edge ep, which surpasses even that immense effort in quality. Listen to Ghost in the Machine and it'll blow your hair back. I just don't know how to define them because of their diversity. If you don't think they're progressive rock/metal, I sort of agree.

152 The Revolution is Never Coming - The Red Paintings

If you are going to throw Pink Floyd on here then you may as well have something on this thread that owns Pink Floyd for atmosphere, acoustics, heaviness, darkness, and haunting melody. This Australian symphonic progressive rock outfit's debut is probably the best progressive album to be released in years. It is haunting, it's vocalist Trash McSweeney is a major talent, their live shows are remarkable, and they can pulverise or haunt you like no other band around. This debut was crowd-funded and deserves a place in any progressive rock bands library. Give it 20 listens and get back to me...

153 Ghosts I - IV - Nine Inch Nails

Trent appeases his record label with an all instrumental masterwork. Few listen to it, but those who do know that Reznor bleeds emotion.

NIN is a good band, but this is not progressive metal. If anything it's ambient industrial.

154 The Discovery - Born of Osiris

Very technical progressive metalcore/deathcore/mathcore that is very heavy and a great listen for those with an ear for all things progressive and heavy.

155 Perspective - Tesseract
156 Opiate - Tool

Even Tool's debut ep, which was a more guitar-driven affair, was progressive in its subject matter and execution.

157 Emotive - a Perfect Circle

Maynard and co. releasing an album of improvised covers and remixes makes for an interesting release. The opener Annihilation is haunting and prophetic.

158 Elements of Persuasion - James Labrie

For those who like their Dream Theater heavy, James brought it a young kid who trashed the joint with his barrage of riffs.

159 Three Sixty - A Perfect Circle

A double album that contains their only new song after a decade, disc one is merely a Best Of, whilst disc two contains a few live covers and rarities. One for the fans only.

160 Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star Vol. IV - Coheed and Cambria

Because the third track Welcome Home captures what Faith No More were like with the mighty Jim Martin. Epic progressive rock/metal band. They do it all.

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