Best Progressive Metal Songs of All Time

Please leave your vote and comments. This is a really underrated genre IMO.

I know I've added a lot of DT songs but they are definetly by far the best prog-metal band out there.

The Top Ten Best Progressive Metal Songs of All Time

1 Lateralus - Tool

"feel the rhythm", this is quite an amazing song with amazing lyrics, vocals guitar work and drums (of course) This list should actually be called the best Dream Theater songs instead.

What? I like Tool, don't get me wrong, but the people who voted Lateralus at #10 probably are not fans of Progressive Metal more than they are just Tool fans. - Gamefreak23788

Only the best progressive song ever made... Not only for the music... But also for the incredible emotions that gives and for this lyrics...

No other songs would inspire me like this one did. " SPIRAL OUT KEEP GOING " such strong words.

2 Octavarium - Dream Theater

Very overrated song, sure has a nice piano instrumental, but that instrumental gets grating when it is practically the entire song.
The key to a good over 15 minute song is transition it shouldn't feel like one long song, hell he even sings the song monotone practically the whole, great lyrics aren't going to be great if the lyrics are just droning on with no emotion, the only part that is different is the repeating of the title over and over again (Got to escape the Octavarium)
There are so much better Dream Theater songs that does everything right that every just ignores because everyone wants to mindless say that Octavarium is the end all be all of long songs when it just isn't - germshep24

I completely disagree. I used to think Octavarium was overrated just like you, but that just simply isn't the case. Piano is used in only around 1/3 of the song, and it is one of the most emotional Dream Theater songs to date, in competition with Scarred or Finally Free. The first and second half of Octavarium seem SO different, it sounds weird when you say it all sounds like one long song. I wonder which song you believe is better than Octavarium, people don't just love it because its long, Illumination Theory I think is terrible for being 22 minutes, and Six Degrees feels literally like 6-8 average songs mashed into one. - Gamefreak23788

This song sucks. There are way too many Dream Theater song's inside the top ten, which makes the list look very retarded. They are not even the best prog metal band. Opeth who are a much superior band in all aspects have just one song within the top ten. This is a Dream Theater's tribute list made by one of their ardent fan.

The amount of greatness in this song is too high to describe in a short comment. This will change your life if you give it a chance.

Octavarium is one of the greatest songs of all time and by far the best song by Dream Theater. It slowly progresses from soft to heavy in it's 20 minute length

3 Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper - Dream Theater

This and lateralus are the best
Also one of the greatest songs ever made

Images and words changed my musical world. Every DT album is a monumental masterpiece. But when I heard pull me under and take the time on the radio I was totally blown away. I bought the album and figured maybe those were the only two good songs. Then by the sixth to seventh minute of Metropolis I nearly passed out. This song gave me hope that real music with real talent wasn't dead. Legendary epic - legendary album! Enough SAID!

This song incorporates so many elements yet knits them together so well. Definitely one of my favorite songs of all time

Easily the best progressive metal song...

4 Black Rose Immortal - Opeth

One of the most overrated songs made by one of the most overrated bands

20 minutes of pure AWESOMENESS..! Trust me you will like it if you are a progressive metal head :D

Deserves To be First. A Magical Song, the Acoustic Part is just Amazing!

This 20 minute "magnum opus" is Progressive Death Metal with black metal elemets, its an awesome song which defines opeth's early style. The Epic riff played around 13.39 of the song will just give chills to any listener along with lyrics. There's burst of emotions in this song..

5 A Change of Seasons - Dream Theater

This is by far the greatest song ever written in my opinion. I can not even begin to describe how much this song has changed my life, and how much it means to me. It's an emotional and epic 23 minute journey with some of the greatest lyrics ever thanks to Mike Portnoy. Thank you Dream Theater. - BlackSabbathIsLife

Better than Pull Me Under any day!

Definitely the best song Dream Theater ever did. Those were the days when they got inspirations and ideas.

Guys this song is art
I am telling you this song and stream of consciousness are the best songs I have ever listen to

6 Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree

Top 10. A piece of several parts, each part amazing

Porcupine Tree is amazing, however, I don't necessarily categorize them underneath the metal section.

Amazing song, should be in top 10 easily

This is one of the most metal Porcupine Tree song.

7 Eyes of a Stranger - Queensryche

Good to see Queensrÿche getting some recognition, how people can say Tool is better than Queensrÿche is beyond me.

8 The Count of Tuscany - Dream Theater

Masterpiece. Not many other words can describe this. From start to end, never gets old, never drags on, blends heavy with beauty, happiness, sadness and then leaves you breathless at the end. Masterpiece.

This 1 is a classic, I mean from startin till the end, I mean, sure there's a lot of other good songs from dream theter. tool, symphony x but this 1 should be a lot higher. it expresses emotions and the last part is out of this world, the solos are awesome, continum by rudess is mesmerizing, overall 1 of the best and worth listening 2.

The whole list should be dream theater - Lord28

The second Era

9 The Divine Wings of Tragedy - Symphony X

This wins because of the choir.
The lyrics are pretty good too
Symphony X need to make a new album soon. And it better have something over 17min

One of Symphony X's best prog metal songs, the abstract detail that was put into this very song is just astounding, it definitely is one of the top songs along with the Odyssey and Through the Looking Glass.

Not afraid to admit I cried, it's so so good. From 18mins you'll need help picking your jaw up from the ground.

10 White Walls - Between the Buried and Me

The final solo is the greatest solo I've ever heard in my entire life

The closer to what will be considered a classic and essential album for decades. It's the perfect song.

This is one of the greatest songs of all time...
Man, just listen to last 4 min of this song, these 4 mins are the best tunes I've ever heard in my life...
That's enough I think...

The Contenders

11 Roads to Madness - Queensryche

Sheer sublime genius...they really don't write them like this anymore

12 Second Life Syndrome - Riverside

Love this song, and personally think Riverside are one of the most consistent bands around

A long epic that raises the tension till the end. Absolutely adorable.

From my Top 5, this is a epic song.

GODTIER song, GODTIER band... RIP Piotr

13 Visions - Haken

This should be in the top 10 at least this is the best song this decade easily

Should be more well known. Great Progressive Metal song. - Gamefreak23788


14 Vicarious - Tool

this should be the freakin number one! and why do you people like so much dream theater? is a normal band, but tool, tool is a compendium of masterpieces. parabola, aenema and lateralus should be here...

This one is awesome, crude, powerful and energetic. Also features mystery and excelent imagination and lyrics.

One of the most realistic songs ever. Great guitar work. And hard hitting lyrics.

I love vicarious my favorite song by Tool

15 The Sleep of Restless Hours - Disillusion

Awesome song. Should be higher. - Gamefreak23788

16 10,000 Days - Tool

Not the most technically impressive/overwhelmingly heavy, but deserves at least top 3, as it's possibly the perfect manifestation of grief and the deepest, most human emotions, in any song. Highly recommended for Floyd fans.

17 Aniket Prantor - Artcell

I don't know how it came on top 10. But a lot of people love this song. Even those people who hate/don't like metal. It's a starter for prog metal. I started to listen it ever since I remember. I was getting into metal at that time. So I couldn't listen the full song, because it gets heavy at some point. But after few days I started to love the whole song. - zxm

Just Listen to this 16 minutes masterpiece and you will realize why this song should be in the list. Just mind blowing progression and the guitars and drums solo and vocal just awesome. Really One of the best prog. metal song I've heard.

When you will listen Aniket prantor you can be learn what is Progressive metal & what is Artcell?

If you don't know what is progressive metal then you should listen this. Proper example of Progressive metal

18 Pull Me Under - Dream Theater

This is awesome, if you like this then you'll love beyond this life by dream theater and take the time

Well this song is more then best...
And those creators..

I am proud to say that I can perform this wonderful song!

Amazing. Dream Theater win all Progressive Metal song, with Pull Me Under. The Live Concert is more better, great and blazzing.

19 Panic Attack - Dream Theater

I personally love this song, I wish it’d be a bit higher on the list though.

4 DT songs in the top 5? That's awesome but Lateralus should be Number One and this should be at least in the top 10. And some Opeth!

Very heavy song opeth is horrible I hate all songs but burden my god who like death metal I likd screamo but dark growl suxx

20 Queen of the Reich - Queensryche
21 Options - Going Nowhere - Anubis Gate
22 Guardian - Fates Warning

Not enough on this list from whom I consider the best program metal bands, Savatage, Fates Warning, Queensryche and Marillion. Guardian is the first really spectacular song listed from one of those bands, although Queen of the Reich is good.

23 The Czar - Mastodon

Mastodon is the best new progressive metal band and this song should be in the top ten

24 Swim to the Moon - Between the Buried and Me
25 This Godless Endeavor - Nevermore
26 Break the Silence - Seventh Wonder
27 Omega - Periphery

Omega and Racecar both deserve a spot in the top 20 in my opinion - xEJD-

I just wanted to put a good Periphery song up here

This is such an amazing piece

28 Winter's Gate - Insomnium
29 The Odyssey - Symphony X

I have an extreme amount of love for Dream Theater, but Symphony X touches me in a way that no other band ever has. Not only does Symphony X have the best metal singer alive (although I may not ALWAYS agree with his stylistic choices), but the musicianship of every single member is absolutely incredible and their compositional style is unmatched. And while I expect The Odyssey will not be the most voted Symphony X song for various reasons (most of all the length of the song), I just have to give this absolute masterpiece my vote because it is conceptually brilliant the. Entire. Time. Long live Symphony X. ONTO THE UNDERWORLD

Who ever just voted blindly for their favorite song of their favorite band should really listen to this song and then vote again because it should be number one by light years from all the songs in this list it's pure liquid progressiveness at its best awesome keyboard, guitars and best vocals from Russell Allen.

What a masterpiece of a song. At 24 minutes not a single minute feels drawn out. The perfect example of what a progressive metal epic, or even any song should be. Excellent musicianship, a great story that drives the lyrics, and really catchy riffs. Russell Allen is one of the best metal singers out there, and I'm not saying Michael Romeo is better than Petrucci...but damn, he can give him a run for his money on certain songs. This is easily in my top ten favorite songs of all time...and with every listen I feel I can make a case for putting it in the number one spot.

This song is so good it makes you feel proud to like it; honoured to have heard it. Even after 600 listens I am not even close to being bored of hearing this genius composition

30 Hessian Peel - Opeth
31 Blackwater Park - Opeth

Opeth best prog band ever. This song top 3

This is way too far down for how great it is.

It deserves better

Best death metal song of all time, 12 mins of pure eargasm

32 Eternal - Nightingale
33 Schism - Tool
34 Home - Dream Theater

I love this riff! You can really hear the work and musicianship that went into this song

This song got me in love with Prog rock/metal AND Dream Theater.

Progressive at it's best. Sounds of Tabla and Sitar blending into very heavy riffs - mindblowing.


35 Space-Dye Vest - Dream Theater

Gorgeous song. I really miss Kevin Moore. Rudess may be a better keyboardist technically, but he doesn't have half the emotion and passion of Moore.

The way he talks to himself combined with of ruddess's sad and slow piano. amazing!

Kevin Moore's piano, actually. Moore was their first keyboardist, and actually wrote the lyrics to this song. He left the band right after the release of Awake, and Rudess didn't join the band till '99.

Sucks to see this and other great DT songs under Pull Me Under - BlackSabbathIsLife

36 Rosetta Stoned - Tool
37 Echoes of Life - Threshold
38 Bleed - Meshuggah

The only thing in the known universe to be more dense than a black hole...

What is this doing here? The whole song is in 4/4. - yaygiants16

This song is definitely prog!

Come on, it's Meshuggah!

39 Sober - Tool
40 Burden - Opeth

This is clearly Opeth's greatest song ever made! I can wake up to it, live to it and also die to it! Greatest song I've ever heard in my entire life!

"clearly Opeth's greatest song" This song isn't even in my top 20 Opeth songs, it is repetitive and sounds more like a median for Opeth's standards. They have made quite a few better songs. - Gamefreak23788

This is clearly Opeth's greatest progressive sound, clean vocals, sick guitar solos, ups and downs... This should be in the top 10!

Pure prog here, plus a lot of Old-school influence here

I hoped this in a better position

41 Ghost of Perdition - Opeth

Should be in the top 3 at least. This song not only shows everything about the amazing band that is opeth but it also shows everyone the beauty that the genre of prog death metal can create. Is an obvious number 1.

How come this is not on the list? Dream Theater's dominance is evident here. But people should know that they are not the only progressive metal band.

This part "Blew hope into the room and said: You have to live before you die young" is just epic!

Awesome song

42 Amazing Flight - Ayreon
43 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here - Porcupine Tree

What to say? Steven Wilson is probably the best composer out there since 20 years.

Amazing beautiful peaceful what more can you ask for

Top 5 at least

It's pretty awesome. Better then Pink Floyd should I say?

44 Take Hold of the Flame - Queensryche

Deserves to be higher. This song is one of the original Prog Metal songs (older than almost every one on this list, unless I'm mistaken) and features so many great elements of the band:
Geoff Tate at his absolute best
Variety in tone, key, and overall sound
Powerful backing vocals that make this song a blast in concert
Great instrumentals by every member of the band
And everything else about this song makes it one of the very best.

45 Hearts Alive - Mastodon

One of the best prog songs I've ever heard. If you haven't heard it, only Yeezus can help you now.

46 Oroborus - Gojira
47 Scarred - Dream Theater
48 The Lady Wore Black - Queensryche
49 The Accolade - Symphony X

W. A. Mozart says: " It's all ok" and asks Beethoven : "Symphony x X is the alphabet or roman number which means tenth? In my opinion is the tenth and say thanks".

50 Dance of Balet - Ballerina

As we know there are big names such as: RUSH, YES, Pink Floyd, DREAM THEATER, and others. They even through very long and complicated journey to be able to introduce their music to eventually succeed as a top band is also feared by other musicians in his era.
Similarly Ballerina struggling with passion and sincerity to be able to introduce and commercialize Progressive music in the country. Until finally Ballerina prove themselves as champions elect 1 and as best Progressive band in Indonesia in '11 AMI AWARDS 2008 in Jakarta.

Ballerina comes with originally progressive music

Wow progressive metal from indonesia. Amazing m/

Can't praise them enough. Best progressive band since Fairyland. Don't let their names deceive you, these bands pack more musical horsepower than a Vivaldi megaton.

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