Best Progressive Metal Songs of All Time

Please leave your vote and comments. This is a really underrated genre IMO.

I know I've added a lot of DT songs but they are definetly by far the best prog-metal band out there.

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21 Guardian - Fates Warning


22 Twilight of the Gods - Blind Guardian
23 The Czar - Mastodon

Mastodon is the best new progressive metal band and this song should be in the top ten

24 Break the Silence - Seventh Wonder


25 Iconoclast - Symphony X
26 Omega - Periphery

Omega and Racecar both deserve a spot in the top 20 in my opinion - xEJD-

I just wanted to put a good Periphery song up here

This is such an amazing piece

27 The Odyssey - Symphony X

I have an extreme amount of love for Dream Theater, but Symphony X touches me in a way that no other band ever has. Not only does Symphony X have the best metal singer alive (although I may not ALWAYS agree with his stylistic choices), but the musicianship of every single member is absolutely incredible and their compositional style is unmatched. And while I expect The Odyssey will not be the most voted Symphony X song for various reasons (most of all the length of the song), I just have to give this absolute masterpiece my vote because it is conceptually brilliant the. Entire. Time. Long live Symphony X. ONTO THE UNDERWORLD

Who ever just voted blindly for their favorite song of their favorite band should really listen to this song and then vote again because it should be number one by light years from all the songs in this list it's pure liquid progressiveness at its best awesome keyboard, guitars and best vocals from Russell Allen.

What a masterpiece of a song. At 24 minutes not a single minute feels drawn out. The perfect example of what a progressive metal epic, or even any song should be. Excellent musicianship, a great story that drives the lyrics, and really catchy riffs. Russell Allen is one of the best metal singers out there, and I'm not saying Michael Romeo is better than Petrucci...but damn, he can give him a run for his money on certain songs. This is easily in my top ten favorite songs of all time...and with every listen I feel I can make a case for putting it in the number one spot.

I respect other choices on here for sure, but no song has ever left me as utterly gobsmacked as this one. 15 years after first hearing it, I still regard this as the best song ever made. The riffs, the transitions, the story, the solos, THAT epic finale. urmughurrr.

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28 Home - Dream Theater

I love this riff! You can really hear the work and musicianship that went into this song

This song got me in love with Prog rock/metal AND Dream Theater.

Progressive at it's best. Sounds of Tabla and Sitar blending into very heavy riffs - mindblowing.

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29 Eternal - Nightingale
30 Lashed to the Slave Stick - Nile
31 Space-Dye Vest - Dream Theater

Gorgeous song. I really miss Kevin Moore. Rudess may be a better keyboardist technically, but he doesn't have half the emotion and passion of Moore.

The way he talks to himself combined with of ruddess's sad and slow piano. amazing!

Kevin Moore's piano, actually. Moore was their first keyboardist, and actually wrote the lyrics to this song. He left the band right after the release of Awake, and Rudess didn't join the band till '99.

Sucks to see this and other great DT songs under Pull Me Under - BlackSabbathIsLife

32 Ghost of Perdition - Opeth

Should be in the top 3 at least. This song not only shows everything about the amazing band that is opeth but it also shows everyone the beauty that the genre of prog death metal can create. Is an obvious number 1.

How come this is not on the list? Dream Theater's dominance is evident here. But people should know that they are not the only progressive metal band.

This part "Blew hope into the room and said: You have to live before you die young" is just epic!

Awesome song

33 Echoes of Life - Threshold
34 Sacred Worlds - Blind Guardian
35 Bleed - Meshuggah
36 Burden - Opeth

This is clearly Opeth's greatest song ever made! I can wake up to it, live to it and also die to it! Greatest song I've ever heard in my entire life!

This is clearly Opeth's greatest progressive sound, clean vocals, sick guitar solos, ups and downs... This should be in the top 10!

Pure prog here, plus a lot of Old-school influence here

I hoped this in a better position

37 Blackwater Park - Opeth

Opeth best prog band ever. This song top 3

Best death metal song of all time, 12 mins of pure eargasm

38 Take Hold of the Flame - Queensryche

Deserves to be higher. This song is one of the original Prog Metal songs (older than almost every one on this list, unless I'm mistaken) and features so many great elements of the band:
Geoff Tate at his absolute best
Variety in tone, key, and overall sound
Powerful backing vocals that make this song a blast in concert
Great instrumentals by every member of the band
And everything else about this song makes it one of the very best.

39 Amazing Flight - Ayreon
40 Painkiller - Judas Priest
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