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61 Aquarium - Haken
62 King of Whitewater - Seventh Wonder
63 Right In Two - Tool

Every aspect of this song is interesting, which is what progressive music really is. This Tool song stood out to me, just masterfully put together.

we also at least need The Grudge, Third Eye, Aenima, Rosetta Stoned, and maybe even Schism on this list!

Greatest Tool song off of "10, 000 days" in my opinion.
It gave me the same feeling as "Lateralus" did when I heard this for the first time. Great rhythm to it, dissonant guitar riffs, great melody and vocals. Although it's not as influential as "Lateralus" it definitely deserves to be because it is just another masterful creation from Tool.

64 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater
65 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden
66 Still Remains - Fates Warning
67 Through the Looking Glass - Symphony X
68 The Death of Passion - Nevermore
69 As Icicles Fall - Ne Obliviscaris
70 Iconoclast - Symphony X
71 Save Me - Avenged Sevenfold

I had never thought of this song as progressive before now, but listening to it again, whoever added it to this list is definitely right. Great song by A7X, and well worthy of being in a list of prog metal greats.

One of the best progressive metal songs ever, Just because this song is new, doesn't mean it isn't a great song. A7x aren't really regarded as progressive, but this song definitely sounds a lot like dream theatre. GIVE IT A LISTEN!

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72 The Enemy Inside - Dream Theater

The most powerful song I have ever heard. The drum is absolutely crazy!

The whole song is absolutely insane. The Lyrics are absolutely blasting if you would read them. Actually its more Heavy metal than prgressive metal, but everyone who considers to hear DT, should listen to this song

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73 Illumination Theory - Dream Theater
74 Song of Solomon - Animals as Leaders
75 Bleak - Opeth

Dark, and then darker. Brilliant.

76 Tapestry of the Starless Abstract - Ne Obliviscaris

Simply beautiful, every second of it is awesome.

77 Under a Glass Moon - Dream Theater
78 Citizen Erased - Muse

Great song by a great band. Most of their stuff tends to be progressive rock, but Citizen Erased is a beautiful example of their more metal compositions. - jackson135

79 Mr. Gutmann - Pervy Perkin
80 The Glass Prison - Dream Theater
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