Best Progressive Metal Songs of All Time

Please leave your vote and comments. This is a really underrated genre IMO.

I know I've added a lot of DT songs but they are definetly by far the best prog-metal band out there.

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61 Aenema - Tool
62 Sober - Tool Sober - Tool
63 And Then There Was Silence - Blind Guardian
64 Breaking All Illusions - Dream Theater

Masterpiece solos at 5:00 min - Odinest

65 Paradise Lost - Symphony X

Simply, beautiful. No36? That is far too underrated!

66 Exist - Avenged Sevenfold
67 Awakenings - Symphony X
68 Way Out of Here - Porcupine Tree
69 Pareidolia - Haken

One of the more technical prog songs recorded recently, it nevertheless also has great songwriting. The major highlight would be the banjo solo at around 3:40 in. - petrucci75hammet

70 Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

Not really progressive metal. I mean some parts may be inspiring towards prog metal/rock. but its heavy metal song. - zxm

71 Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden


72 Silent Lucidity - Queensryche

At 45? The raters are deaf I guess. This song should have been at top 5.

73 On the Backs of Angel - Dream Theater

This is a real masterpiece. I mean from the arpeggios at the beginning, James La Bries voice until the fantastic piano and guitar solo almost everything is perfect

74 Gutter Ballet - Savatage

One of the must underrated bands of all time. I'm just glad one of their songs made it on here. Jon Oliva is in my top 5 songwriters, if not top 2. The vision he has for his music is beautiful

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75 The Pot - Tool

This song shows how deep the band is. After listening to it many times in different moods it gradually make it way and you probably repeat "You got to be so high! "

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76 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater
77 Church of the Machine - Symphony X
78 Aquarium - Haken
79 King of Whitewater - Seventh Wonder
80 Right In Two - Tool

Every aspect of this song is interesting, which is what progressive music really is. This Tool song stood out to me, just masterfully put together.

we also at least need The Grudge, Third Eye, Aenima, Rosetta Stoned, and maybe even Schism on this list!

Greatest Tool song off of "10, 000 days" in my opinion.
It gave me the same feeling as "Lateralus" did when I heard this for the first time. Great rhythm to it, dissonant guitar riffs, great melody and vocals. Although it's not as influential as "Lateralus" it definitely deserves to be because it is just another masterful creation from Tool.

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