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101 A Rite of Passage - Dream Theater

I really love this riff, its in my top 10 of favorites, and the solo just takes you into another dimension. The chorus is super catchy and its just a great song overall

102 To Bid You Farewell - Opeth
103 Save Me - Avenged Sevenfold

I had never thought of this song as progressive before now, but listening to it again, whoever added it to this list is definitely right. Great song by A7X, and well worthy of being in a list of prog metal greats.

One of the best progressive metal songs ever, Just because this song is new, doesn't mean it isn't a great song. A7x aren't really regarded as progressive, but this song definitely sounds a lot like dream theatre. GIVE IT A LISTEN!

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104 Candlelight Fantasia - Symphony X
105 Stones of October's Sobbing - Maudlin of the Well
106 La Villa Strangiato - Rush V 1 Comment
107 A Nightmare to Remember - Dream Theater

This should at least be in the top 10! Amazing blend of progressive and heavy riffs.

All those time signatures! It doesn't get any more proggy! My favorite part:

Hopelessly drifting,
Bathing in beautiful agony!

108 Glory of the Empire - Circus Maximus
109 Genesis - Dominici V 1 Comment
110 Hybrid Earth - Erra
111 Eve of Seduction - Symphony X
112 Welcome to Entropia - Pain of Salvation
113 King of Loss - Pain of Salvation

An excellent tune shifting between chill and driving sections, the melodies in this song in particular are great. Same goes for Gildenlöw as always.

114 Circle of Cysquatch - Mastodon

Come on guys dream theatre and Symphony X are not the only progressive bands out there. Also, progressive isn't really a genre so much as it is music that defies traditional genres and structures. It doesn't all sound like power metal guys...

115 When the Water Breaks - Liquid Tension Experiment
116 Trains - Porcupine Tree
117 This is the Life - Dream Theater
118 Hearts Alive - Mastodon

One of the best prog songs I've ever heard. If you haven't heard it, only Yeezus can help you now.

119 Speak - Queensryche
120 Viridian and White Walls - Between the Buried and Me

First of all, shame on everyone here for not including one of the best modern progressive metal bands on this list, and shame on you for not recognizing the pure musicianship on these songs. while this whole album is technically one song, the ones that go best together are the final two, Viridian, and White Walls. it starts off with amazing jazz style guitars and amazing work on strings to full on progressive masterpiece of the best 17-18 minutes of your life

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