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121 Hearts Alive - Mastodon

One of the best prog songs I've ever heard. If you haven't heard it, only Yeezus can help you now.

122 Speak - Queensryche
123 Viridian and White Walls - Between the Buried and Me

First of all, shame on everyone here for not including one of the best modern progressive metal bands on this list, and shame on you for not recognizing the pure musicianship on these songs. while this whole album is technically one song, the ones that go best together are the final two, Viridian, and White Walls. it starts off with amazing jazz style guitars and amazing work on strings to full on progressive masterpiece of the best 17-18 minutes of your life

124 Celestial Elixir - Haken
125 Ticks and Leeches - Tool
126 Shogun - Trivium

Trivium may not be a progressive metal band, but this song definitely is.

127 Goddess Gagged - Protest the Hero
128 Pushit - Tool

May not be the best in my opinion, but it DESERVES to be on this list at least. My favorite by the band.

129 Scarred - Dream Theater
130 The Mission - Queensryche
131 Suite Sister Mary - Queensryche
132 Finally Free - Dream Theater
133 Flying Whales - Gojira

One of most brutal songs, thanks for great bass solos - Odinest

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134 Master of Puppets - Metallica

A lot of people see it as thrash/speed metal, (Sure, it's fast) but let's face it, people, it's progressive metal.

I don't know why it'd be a prog metal song. - zxm

135 Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden
136 Light of Day, Day of Darkness - Green Carnation
137 To Tame a Land - Iron Maiden
138 The Gift of Music - Dream Theater
139 Purify - Neurosis
140 Hassan - The Ocean
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