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181 Light Up or Leave Me Alone - Traffic
182 Le Premier Ciel - Harmonium

Man! The variety and the quality of the melodies included in this track is simply unbelievable. It's my favorite song, it makes me feel good!

183 Scarlet - Periphery
184 Icarus Lives - Periphery
185 Movin' On - Circus
186 Jordrök - Änglagård

Incredible that no one except me votes this song

187 Tetragrammaton - The Mars Volta

I'm pretty sure they classify as pseudo-prog so here ya go

188 Rudy - Supertramp
189 From Now On - Supertramp
190 Yours Is No Disgrace - Yes

Amazing prog rock song. One of the best of its time.

191 The Seventh House - I.Q.

Awesome lyrics and epic ending!

192 Rings of Earthly Light - Eris Pluvia

Very good use of wind instruments. The section with the female vocalist adds drama to the story of this 17min epic... Too bad Eris Pluvia only released 2 albums...

193 Devil's Playground - Flower Kings

The fretless bass solo is simply stunning!

194 Jerry Was a Race Car Driver - Primus
195 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Not really a prog rock song. Its just long. - zxm


196 November Rain - Guns N' Roses
197 Estranged - Guns N' Roses

Not prog by any means

198 Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
199 Swim to the Moon - Between the Buried and Me V 1 Comment
200 The Fall of the House of Usher - Alan Parson's Project

Why is this song so low? It's a great progressive song from their first album.

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