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61 Heart of the Sunrise - Yes Heart of the Sunrise - Yes

Amazing song, needs to be higher

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62 A Script for a Jester's Tear - Marillion A Script for a Jester's Tear - Marillion

This song make me cry! It's so beautifull! Fish voice brings me to heaven, and Rothery's guitar solos do even better! If you don't know it, go quickly listen to this masterpiece (this is the word)!

I've already voted for 2112, but this song should be at least Top 20

Inspired heavily by the likes of Camel and Genesis, Marillion is one of my favorite bands. I would recommend the song "Grendel" which was their answer to "Supper's Ready"

People actually know about marillion!
I'm going to find everyone who voted for this and take selfies with them!

63 Lateralus - Tool

9 and a half minutes of sheer bliss. One of my Favorite songs this century.

Come on! Why is this 9 and a half minute masterpiece so low. It deserves at least to be in the top 5

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64 School - Supertramp
65 Money - Pink Floyd Money - Pink Floyd V 1 Comment
66 Question - The Moody Blues Question - The Moody Blues
67 The Psychedelic Warlords - Hawkwind The Psychedelic Warlords - Hawkwind
68 Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull
69 Awaken - Yes Awaken - Yes V 2 Comments
70 And You and I - Yes And You and I - Yes

One of the best of the best.
"I listened hard but could not see life tempo change out and inside me... "

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71 In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 - Coheed and Cambria In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 - Coheed and Cambria

Excellent song from one of the best new prog bands. This song transports me to another place and time

72 L'Via L 'Viaquez - The Mars Volta L'Via L 'Viaquez - The Mars Volta

I think this song is not the perfect example to show one of the most brilliants bands ever.. they capture the roots of prog rock.. listen cicatriz.. tetragramatton.. OMG

No one can play disorder in such a beautiful way than Mars Volta

73 The Revealing Science of God - Yes The Revealing Science of God - Yes

I love a multitude of Yes songs, but rate this one highest of all. It's one of Yes' long songs and contains more sections than any other. It has a breathtaking atmospheric chant at the beginning, and another at the finish; Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, and Chris Squire singing in cascades; and glorious instrumentation. This song is lush, powerful, striking, wondrous, yearning, haunting, meandering, eloquent, dramatic, striding, fun, subtle, bluesy, lilting, intense, spacious, and majestic. It has depth and height. A treasure.

74 Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Pt. 1 - King Crimson Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Pt. 1 - King Crimson V 1 Comment
75 УТРО ПОЛИНЫ - Nautilus Pompilius УТРО ПОЛИНЫ - Nautilus Pompilius
76 On the Backs of the Angels - Dream Theater On the Backs of the Angels - Dream Theater

This is what got me into dream theater, I find this song beautiful in every way possible. I've really come to like this song, and is one of my overall favorite songs

77 The Remembering (High the Memory) - Yes The Remembering (High the Memory) - Yes

A top favorite of mine, this is one of Yes' long songs, and particularly beautiful. The various sections are gentle and charming, ringing, bright and clear, gliding, wise, lonely, sprightly, lilting, bold and joyfully rocking, towering in height, rolling like thunder, traveling, misty, intense as a blizzard. So much to love in this one.

78 Metropolis, Part 1: the Miracle and the Sleeper - Dream Theater

I'm not going to go on about how one of my favourite songs didn't get in the top ten, but I will say that this inspired an entire concept album, and many of you should go and see for yourself just how great it is to be able to do this!

79 Cassandra Gemini - The Mars Volta Cassandra Gemini - The Mars Volta
80 Second Life Syndrome - Riverside Second Life Syndrome - Riverside
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