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61 Lateralus - Tool

9 and a half minutes of sheer bliss. One of my Favorite songs this century.

How come this one not be in the top 10?

How come this one not be number 1?

Come on! Why is this 9 and a half minute masterpiece so low. It deserves at least to be in the top 5

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62 Nimrodel - The Procession - The White Rider - Camel

This song is just wonderful! It's about a Tolkien-esque story about knights and strange creatures, and it's a good occasion for master Andy Latimer on guitar an d flutes, wizard Peter Bardens on keyboards, powerful and precise Andy Ward on drums and dynamic Doug Ferguson on bass, to show their bright talents.

63 Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues

The Moody Blues second greatest prog rock band in the world pure melodic rock
Pink are first supertramp third.. Barclay james harvest fourth renaissence fifth

64 Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield

Come on, is this a joke? Should be top 10

111? are you kidding me?!
Should be top 10, 50 minutes long, basically no words, pure music, pure class - FredTheGooner

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65 Heart of the Sunrise - Yes

Amazing song, needs to be higher

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66 A Script for a Jester's Tear - Marillion

This song make me cry! It's so beautifull! Fish voice brings me to heaven, and Rothery's guitar solos do even better! If you don't know it, go quickly listen to this masterpiece (this is the word)!

I've already voted for 2112, but this song should be at least Top 20

Inspired heavily by the likes of Camel and Genesis, Marillion is one of my favorite bands. I would recommend the song "Grendel" which was their answer to "Supper's Ready"

People actually know about marillion!
I'm going to find everyone who voted for this and take selfies with them!

67 The Advent of Panurge - Gentle Giant

This (and lots of other Gentle Giant) is brilliant and should be higher but not well known enough

If you like Yes,Jethro tull,king crimson,ELP,Queen and Pink Floyd this band has elements of all of them but they still come out with a unique sound.Only came across them through the roger dean art work on the octopus Lp 2 months ago. I now have 7 gentle giant LPs.

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68 Man-Erg - Van Der Graaf Generator

Van der Graaf Generator on its best, the best song on Pawn Hearts, a very strong album. The epic crazy middle section, and the cacaphonic section, and Peters Voice on top of that. Absolutely a great song!

69 Hey You - Pink Floyd
70 School - Supertramp
71 Fly to the Rainbow - Scorpions

There are only a few progressive songs by the Scorpions. Only "Lonesome Crow", "Drifting Sun" and "Fly to the Rainbow".. But this song is great. Maybe not the best Prog song, but it should be much higher!

72 Paranoid Android - Radiohead
73 Awaken - Yes

A stunning, beautifully constructed, magnus opus of musical genius. No one else could come up with the combinations of chords, key changes, rhythms and musicianship that Yes dreamed up here. A masterpiece.

One of the best songs ever made

Please..this is top ten

74 The Revealing Science of God - Yes

I love a multitude of Yes songs, but rate this one highest of all. It's one of Yes' long songs and contains more sections than any other. It has a breathtaking atmospheric chant at the beginning, and another at the finish; Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, and Chris Squire singing in cascades; and glorious instrumentation. This song is lush, powerful, striking, wondrous, yearning, haunting, meandering, eloquent, dramatic, striding, fun, subtle, bluesy, lilting, intense, spacious, and majestic. It has depth and height. A treasure.

75 The Pot - Tool
76 Money - Pink Floyd

Not prog at all - patrickfloyd

I'll say it's likely the least progressive song on DSOTM. - naFrovivuS

77 Question - The Moody Blues
78 The Psychedelic Warlords - Hawkwind
79 Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull
80 УТРО ПОЛИНЫ - Nautilus Pompilius
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