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161 Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd
162 Song Within a Song - Camel
163 For Today - Camel
164 It's a Long Way There - Little River Band
165 Miracles out of Nowhere - Kansas

One of the best progressive rock songs in the world performed by one of the best progressive bands ever! Never heard a better instrumental solo

166 The Carpet Crawlers - Genesis
167 The Return of the Giant Hogweed - Genesis
168 Perpetual Change - Yes
169 High Hopes - Pink Floyd

Amazing song. It has a sinister start, then the chorus hits you with a flow of emotions. The escalation in the middle feels so empowering until the sinister verse hits back. After a second chorus, Gilmour's masterpiece of a solo will leave you in tears. - RalphSaad

A song with mood and pure beauty.

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170 The Hand That Feeds You - Introitus
171 Neverland - Marillion

When recording the "V"-album, Neal Morse joked about the lyrics for "Revelation": "We're not supposed to sing about girls, because we're a prog band". Marillion clearly ignored this 'rule' and with "Neverland" they made the best lovesong ever.

172 Knights of Cydonia - Muse
173 Hyperventilate - Frost

I can't believe the band Frost is not on these lists, or that the songs: hyperventilate and milliontown are not included. For all the talk of atmosphere, musical arrangements, diversity, emotion, and taking you on a journey, etc; these songs have all of that and more. Milliontown deserves a spot as one of the greatest Prog Rock albums ever!

174 Afterglow - Genesis
175 Song of Scheherazade - Renaissance
176 Gypsy - Uriah Heep
177 New Day - Karnivool

The best song I have ever heard to date, nothing even comes close to it.

178 Visions - Haken
179 East Coast Racer - Big Big Train
180 Terrapin Station - Grateful Dead

Wonderful song.

After 40 years there is still something to discover. Some rise, some fall to get to Terrapin.

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