Best Propagandhi Songs Sung by Chris Hannah


The Top Ten

1 Fixed Frequencies

"... Fixed frequencies, stuck in locking grooves. " - abcrgb

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2 A Speculative Fiction UListen to Sample
3 Purina Hall of Fame

"... Better lives have been lived in the margins and locked in prisons and lost on the gallows, than have ever been enshrined in palaces. " - abcrgb

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4 Supporting Caste

"Do what you feel you must, but as for me, I was not born upon this earth, to subjugate or serve" - abcrgb

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5 Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An

'The truth will set my people free'. " - abcrgb

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6 Duplicate Keys Icaro

"Our confirmation biases leverage everything we perceive. "
"There is no you. There is no me. There is all" - abcrgb

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7 America's Army (Die Jugend Marschiert)

"Deep down you've always known, your children already belong to us, so why don't you cut the outraged parent routine, shut your mouth and get back in your seat. "
"Forget What you think you know" - abcrgb

8 Last Will & Testament

Love the way this song develops. Starts slow, beautiful melody and then explodes into pure awesomeness!

"it's just common sense to preach what ought to be but ensure it never is in the present tense. " - abcrgb

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9 Iteration

"... Inevitable waves of... " - abcrgb

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10 Back to the Motor League UListen to Sample
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