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1 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

best game ever 96 percent on metecritic amazing no offense to uncharted 2 fans but uncharted 3 will beat uncharted 2 wait uh minute I'm an uncharted 2 fan its so god its a perfect game over 39 perfect scores and 100 game of year awards no other game can beat this masterpeice

This gaming is one of my best games

I love this game! The graphics look supirior

I have not played uncharted 2 but I heard that it's a very very fun game

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2 Grand Theft Auto V

Why is this game not no. 1? It is incredibly addictive and so fun, not too serious. Amazing story and characters and it is rather realistic.

With 34 million copies (19.36 million on PS3 and 14.44 million copies on Xbox 360,Grand Theft Auto V is best PS3 and Xbox 360 game of all times.

By far, and I mean by far the best and most succesful game ever made for both consoles, made a billion dollars in the space of three days for goodness sake!

It has errors

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3 Halo Reach

Best bloody game ever created the covenant shall burn uncharted


Why is naruto first this is way better it should be like this
1. Haloreach
2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
3. God of war I or 3 - simpsondude

This was my first ever game, it just gave me a gamer-gasm. I was. Introduced into the world of gaming and halo

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4 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Worst game ever
Bad graphics

Good game, but I wouldn't put it this high on the list. - SonicFan4Life

Best cut scenes and fight characters

Oh god... Oh god... I just lol'd SO HARD... This game is above titles like Halo 3, The Last of Us, and Skyrim... God... Wow.
Don't get me wrong, I love this game to pieces. I was just unbelievably surprised that this rated higher than one of the most best-selling video games of all time (Skyrim). God that was funny...
Even now, at this time it holds a slot of #4.

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5 God of War III

Are you guys kidding me this game should be number 1 this game has best graphics than Naruto


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6 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

It's not only the best game out there, but it's also the most original. And YOU CAN't ARGUE AGAINST THAT!

Tried playing this masterpiece but couldn't get very far. Game is incredible though. I actaully sat thru half of it on Youtube. Amazing Cutscenes.

7 Halo 3

Fantastic game, better storyline than halo reach, and uncharted 2 is a fantastic game to, definitely in my mind the best ps3 game, but Halo 3 is the best game of all time in my mind

I would say best game for the 360 deserves to be part of the top ten list.

Great game 4 shorting people with my Battle Rifle... Unstoppable

This must be higher than any ps3 game on this list, nothing can rival the legend that is the Halo franchise.

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8 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Why this is number 10!?!? It should be number 1! Definitely!

Amazing graphics/story! I can't believe it!

At least number 1! Great graphics, great story line.
Shows the real power of the PS3.

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9 Last of Us

Hmm... there must be a glitch in this test if the last of us isn't even in the top ten. The last of us is by far the best game on PS3! It has great characters and character development, the story amazing and there is so much more depth in many aspects (like the picture and story) than other games...
Uncharted 2 was awesome, Uncharted 3 was better, and the last of us became a masterpiece. You can really see how the creators Naughty Dog have evolved when their new games are released.

I think people need to watch the gameplay of this game and then vote other games.

Awesome story line and graphics are mind blowing

You gusy are retards the lasst of us is the best

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10 Batman: Arkham City

By far the Dark Knight's best video game, to this date.

Better than every batman movie in every way

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11 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Really not a Call of Duty fan but this game seriously re shaped the FPS world.

12 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

I go ham on that game and I know so many glitches and spots and hiding spots good game and awesome game for war

Its way better than Call of Duty Ghost, at least that's my opinion. - Pitay_Uzumaki13

Should be way higher on the list guys, come on really! Number 5

Vote for BO2 and get trick shot luck

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13 Gears of War
14 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Didn't get into it all that much but I must say it looks incredible. I've seen hours of gameplay on YouTube and wish I had the brain power to play this epic game.

Best game ever can play for years and not go every where or do all the quests

Why is Skyrim on the best and worst Xbox 360 games? Doesn't make any sense

Best game ever like the god of all rpg games

15 Rock Band 2
16 Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm Generations
17 Little Big Planet 2: Special Edition

One of the best and amazing game ever. It's for people any age because it is super adorable and funny (you get to slap people). Also, you can make your OWN levels!

I love this game and the new stuff in this second edition is so epic, capes and what not. Sackboy looks even cooler somehow

Friendly for all players and family.

18 Infamous

Certainly the best ps3 and Xbox game. The story is great, randomly assaulting people then sucking the life out of them is strangely fun, the karma scenes where he thinks stuff through his mind and you get to choose how your fate is rules, and the ideas of being made of electric, getting superpowers and charging up from anything electric is like the game I've always dreamed of. It just occurred to me this guy is like a marvel superhero/villain. Radioactive explosion, unique powers that can take out hordes of enemies easily, amazing free running abilities... Chuckle. InFamous is laugh out loud.

A terrific game. Excellent design, characters, and plot. Plus the option to chose between good or bad in certain scenarios is awesome. - BKAllmighty

The person who said that it's the best ps3 and Xbox game you dumbass its not on the Xbox

This Games is the bomb. Best game ever!

19 Mass Effect 2

GREAT story. GREAT voice acting. Amazing just amazing story.

20 Killzone 2

Best PS3 MP game for fast flowing all around fun. With a lengthy SP campaign, offline bots this is a must have game. The graphics still to this day are impressive and the gun sounds are flawless, the controls may take a bit of getting used to as you do feel a bit weighty but stick with it and you'll love it. My favourite thing about KZ2 is how hardly anyone camps online, you really have to run around to score points that matter.

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