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1 Gangnam Style

This song was a hit. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

My biggest guilty pleasure

Yes, it’s stupid and silly, but that’s what makes it enjoyable.

This video got over 2,000,000,000 views on YouTube. Obviously and easily #1. Although I wish I could understand it.

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2 Gentleman

Gangnam Style is good and extremely catchy (i used to dance whenever it came on, so did our entire gym class when someone played it during gym) but this song is awesome. I love the beat and the chorus. I like how the dance goes from crazy gangnam style to just swaying back and forth looking cool laugh out loud - dragonfly99

This is a good catchy song

This is better then gangnam style

I love this songs

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3 Right Now

Gangnam style is ahead of this? Are you kidding me? Gangnam style is known for its dancing and music video, but song wise, this song is way better, people only know about gangnam style because its viral across the Internet, but if you take the time to listen to all of his songs, you will realize that gangnam style isn't the best, and after listening to all his songs, I think this one deserves to be #1, just take your time to listen to this, then you will realize why gangnam style shouldn't be #1

It's really catchy and makes you feel energized. - ethanmeinster

4 Paradise
5 Daddy

Best one out there

Best song of psy after gangnam style (according to me) so it should be at 3... I love this damn song too much best comedy of psy

It should be in top 3

It should be in top 3 actually

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6 Champion
7 Hangover

Snoop and Psy make a great team

It should be at least in the top five!

I like the saxophone part

8 Thank You
9 Shake It
10 2 Beautiful Goodbyes

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11 Korea

Good s

12 Delight

In this song PSY is trying to help you by saying "now say your sadness now say your happiness if we share our pain with each other we can be happy" it really speaks to me

13 Entertainer
14 It's Art

I love this song. At first I was confused, but now it's one of my favourites

15 Bird
16 Intro
17 Oppa Is Just My Style
18 Life
19 I Luv It

This is so awesome and so are all other psy songs! Psy is awesome!

20 Napal Baji

love it.

21 New Face
22 Lady
23 Freedom
24 Sing
25 We Are the One

For some reason, I find this song and its music video (full-length version) hilarious. In fact, it's more hilariou than Gangnam Style.

26 Life Is Suffering
27 Yes, I Am
28 What Would Have Been?
29 ROCKnROLLbaby
30 Love
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1. I Luv It
2. Gangnam Style
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1. Gangnam Style
2. Gentleman
3. Hangover
1. Gangnam Style
2. Hangover
3. Gentleman

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