Best Psychedelic Trance Artists

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21 Ace Ventura

Best progressive psychedelic artist.

V 3 Comments
22 Kindzadza V 2 Comments
23 S.U.N. Project

Amazing sound architecture and very creative!

Some nice guitar stuff.

V 1 Comment
24 Talamasca

God! Of all psychedelic Dj's of ALL TIME!

Great artist! Try "day dreaming" for something softer and "psychedelic" for the hard stuff ( it makes me scared )...

Talamasca sets will pump you up. Great live act too. Talamasca definitely top 10.

Best of all

V 2 Comments
25 Hallucinogen

Nobody can reach him. He is the only one!

Get a grip guys #61, should be at least top ten, one of the pioneers of the sound!

A true pioneer. Back in the late 90s this guy was no doubt number 1. These kids doing the voting clearly have no sense of history or perspective.

How is Simon not number 1?

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26 cosmo

Hi-tech psychedelic music! Superbomb!

27 Liquid Soul

He is one of the leading sound architects, who has set standards for many others! Full appreciation for his work..and I am travelling to his live sets..

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28 U Reckon

Its not URECKON ITS U-RECKEN, listen to aquatique serenade, for the sunrise ;) peace

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29 Electric Universe

Simply the best out of all.

One of my all-time favourites. Brings beautiful memories.

Saw him at rainbow serpent 2015, unbelievable

How can he not be the first place...

30 Neelix

NEELIX is the BEST having your system blasting! Partying or at home while being high! I can't have enough!

What? Neelix is No1! All Songs are more then Awesome!

He deserves to be on #1.
He's the best & the most unique. Amazing.
Love from Pakistan.

He deserves to be on #1.
Simply blows my mind with his drops <3
Love from Pakistan.

31 Mad Maxx

The Name Says It All... This Artist is been producing some killer music very often... mad maxx should b number 1.. because when it comes to live performance.. no1 can get even close to him.. it a trip out of this space.. mad maxxx number 1 psytrance artist

32 Myrah

Myrah you are the best

33 Tryambaka V 1 Comment
34 Hilight Tribe V 2 Comments
35 Ott V 1 Comment
36 Entheogenic

Pagan Dream Machine is stoned

37 Upgrade V 1 Comment
38 Electro Sun
39 Abomination
40 Paranormal Attack

One to not be missed! Grooveshark: 56 songs 1 album

They rock with "walking in the sun"

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