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41 Asura

Asura has been aiding my expansion of consciousness for 8 years. Time-tested for deep ecstatic joy, comprehension of complex systems, and endless revitalization. All of their works are TOP-NOTCH, though I haven't quite gotten into radio universe yet.

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42 Coming Soon V 1 Comment
43 Bubble

"Drive" defines bubble perfectly

44 Headroom

Just listen to artificial intelligence! There tracks send you above and beyond (with no chemicals needed! )
Very deep vibes that hit you straight in the pit of your stomach every time.

45 Eskimo

Most unique and energetic psy artist out there

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46 KoxBox
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49 Duo Tech
50 Gataka


51 San and Tac

One of the best australian acts at the moment!

52 Ibojima

If fataly is father ibojima is son. especially their morning glory.

53 Fabio & Moon
54 Dapanji
55 Wizzy Noise
56 Filteria
57 Cosmosis

Great artist, who knows how to play an instrument, as oposed to mainstream simply tractor users!

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58 X-Dream

If you know anything about psy trance, you vote these guys in the top 10!

59 Murat Lahur

I think the next big thing

60 Audiopathik

Mind blowing intelligent music!

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