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61 The 5th Dimension
62 Technical Hitch

This guy deserves to be on the top 10 list.. HIS TRACK 'REBORN ' 'dub step hi tech ' 'mama India' are really awesome

63 Murat Lahur

I think the next big thing

64 Phaxe
65 Audiopathik

Mind blowing intelligent music!

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66 Dusty Kid
67 Hipnotix
68 Skyloops
69 Globular

The Self-fulfilling prophecy album is an amazing work of music art. Beauty is the word that comes to mind. A truly immersive psychedelic experience.

70 Biotouch

All tracks are mind blowing

71 Looney Moon Deco
72 Ranji
73 Tristan

He's a god, full on psy, fast, very various, keeps it interesting through the whole tracks, uses high range of modern sound technology.
Favorite tracks: The whole album Chemisphere (Terrordactyl, If only! )

74 Man With No Name

Do people know this artist created one of THE best trance/dance tracks ever?

Floor Essence (dayglo Mix) - espyorkshireman

75 Space Buddha
76 Celtic Cross
77 Belik Boom

Belik boom is a God Gift Psy artist all Tracks Are Super...proper Beats Of Psy Track

He is a wnderful psythelic artist my kind of imdia awesome track don't miss it

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78 Ghreg on Earth
79 Qubenzis Psy Audio
80 Sick Addiction
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