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21 Bronzor Bronzor

It has good sp definitely being able to tank most Fire type moves.

It is a Pokemon of one the elite four, who SPECIALIZES PHSYCIC TYPES...

You do mean bronnZONG, right?

He is awesome :D

22 Jirachi Jirachi

Bruh, have you not seen the movie? He's like a fairy god parent mixed with a metagross! Come on! Then his ability allows for iron head to be the most annoying/ hilarious move ever! Don't even think for a second Jirachi she be in 13th with starmie! Jirachi should be in the top 8.

Shiny jirachi dipped its notes in the blood of its victims.

Ik 6iv modest Jirachi is an insane threat and can 1 shot almost all dragons w/ moon blast. Lv100 Jirachi= ultimate doom.

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23 Uxie Uxie

He's so amazing he can outsmart even its creator.BEST POKEMON EVER! WHOO!

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24 Hoopa Hoopa

I think it should be in the top three as in trading card game it defeated alakazam in one hit

It's the best and its unbound form is marvelous

So, the powerful legendary that can summon other legendaries with a flick of the hand to wreak havoc and at number 55?!

This is ment to me number one it can do things that arceus can't do come on people. flipping hell!

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25 Delphox Delphox

Delphox has great speed attack and its speed is very amazing

Awesome starter

1 attack of psy beam with your delphfox then Pokemon faint - bashfulfox

SERIOUSLY? MY FRIENDS DELPHOX BEAT THE DARK GYM DELPHOX SHOULD BE A TOP FIVE IN ALAKAZAMAS OR VITINCIS PLACE.Bonus point,it can learn moves like dazzling gleam wich are epic on green ninja and ash green ninja so it should be some where on the top of the list anyone who thinks this pokemon sucks is a loser.I just recommend a fenniken

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26 Elgyem

He uses trick room really well and it's adorable

Love its evolution

Learns steel wing


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27 Cresselia Cresselia

Why isn't this Pokemon in the top 10? Honestly I'll prefer Alakazam over this one but this Pokemon has a better Overall Base Stat (600 equal to Mew and higher than Alakazam, Gradevoir, Gallade and Espeon and many more)

I think this pokemon should be in the top ten

Cresselia is the best Pokemon ever. Come on, lots of sucky Pokemons are over it, even Unown. Seriously, Cresselia is cooler then Gallade (Another gen 4 psychic type) which is number 5. At least Cresselia is over Bronzong, it's actually OK for me tough

28 Reuniclus

Even if Musharna does bulk better, Reuniclus does attack. Those two are equals!

Are you kidding me?!? Teach this badass trick room and he'll be in your top 3.

Reuniclus is one of the best Pokemon in black and white.

Trick room reuniclus is bomb

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29 Meowstic Meowstic

OP if you use it in Pokemon showdown, give it leftovers with this specific moveset: barrier, stored power, calm mind and thunderbolt, and soon you will destroy any Pokemon but if your opponent is a dark/ground type then consider yourself destroyed.

Meowstic is both amazing and powerful. It is also my favorite psychic type Pokemon.

Because it is cute and it can learn some pretty good moves

Male is better than the Female but I like the Female better

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30 Grumpig Grumpig

Seriously, a bouncing pig? A physical attacking psychic type? What's not to love? Super unique, and a great design.

I love it because it's a great Pokemon and its first form is spoink and it's so cute

Grumpig is so underrated! Amazing special stats, unique design, beautiful color scheme, great shiny form. She's such a great Pokemon! I'm sick of hearing people call her one of generation 3's worst Pokemon. She honestly had one of the most original designs in all of Pokemon! She's also one of the cutest Pokemon in my opinion. I even think she's cuter than Spoink!
I know everyone forgets she exists and calls her ugly and a bad Pokemon, but Grumpig will always be my favorite. Even with the "better" Psychic Types.

Grumpig can lift the opponite in the air

31 Hypno Hypno

PURE Awesomeness. What's not to like. My love for Hypno started pretty recently, but he's really that awesome. JUST LOOK AT HIM. THAT PENDULUM. I'm going to go make my own pendulum right now.

Come little children come with me by the way he flipping awesome alakazam is only better cuase the mega and its get an extra evaluation and people are just like espeon so cute I love her man stuff like this and slowing should be in the top ten and I'm not saying alakazam sucks but truthfully there's better

Hypno in my opinion should be in the top ten its special defense is unbelievable and he looks a lot cooler than a lot of other psychic Pokemon


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32 Ralts Ralts

Although it can have only growl at first it has cool evolutions

I love ralts and all its evolutions

Ralts will be very helpful

33 Mime Jr. Mime Jr.

Is so cute and can use mimic which can copy the opponites Pokemon

34 Meloetta Meloetta

She is the first Pokemon I ever wanted to catch

I love its forms and I used it in competitive I slated people

This is my FAVORITE Pokemon, sweet and pretty. Epicness. Shame on all of you

She's just the prettiest,most kind physic Pokémon there is.She also has taken care of Ash when he was in trouble.MELOETTA RULES!

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35 Drowzee Drowzee

Its nose makes it the best

It's a psychic tapir that eats the dreams of his enemies.

36 Bronzong Bronzong

People sleep on this thing it needs a mega then everyone will absolutely love him and use him all the time but he's still good as it is. Set up screens, stealth rock, and EXPLODE IN THE OPPONENTS FACE.

Bronzong is OP and best non-legend psychic type Pokemon. - rexprice4

This thing is OP, why is it so far down? What do you think the most annoying thing on Lucian's team is?

Viable in flippin' ubers

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37 Medicham Medicham

This guy should be in the top ten. His ability is broken, his move pool is monstrous, and his mega is just deadly to all challengers.

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38 Beldum Beldum

Yes beldum only learns a move by evolving but who would expect it to evolve from this small pod to a beastly metagross. Its also a sudo legendary.

39 Gothitelle Gothitelle

Shadow tag is just great on her. She's a good utility support in double battles, with access to trick room, heal pulse, helping hand, and of course a great passive ability calles SHADOW TAG. Plus her looks are fabolous!

Shadow tag is why this thing is god tier

It's the best psychic type Pokemon as it has a variety of acts

Shadow flipping tag.

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40 Claydol Claydol

Claydol Is a BOSS. Great support Pokemon. Great threat remover.

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