Best Puffle Breeds on Club Penguin


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1 White

I love this puffle so much! It's unique, shy and happy!

Because they are so sweet

Shy and sweet.

Shy and cute.

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2 Black

7 inches of love baby

They be cute lol dab I'm a jake pauler haha

Black puffles are 100% epic, amazing, cool, super, ultra and fireful! They are great at flying around with there fire and that's the element they are master at. They are super experts at skateboarding! Black puffles are not my favourite colours but their tounge is my favourite, Green! I like their element! I even have one!

I love them! They look so sad in the pet shop, like they think no one will shoes m adopt them :( I have a few Black Puffle.

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4 Orange

This puffle is always so happy, and sleepy.

5 Brown

Three words ; Cute little nerds

Brown puffles are the best.

Very smart

6 Green
7 Pink

Another reason is that they are sporty and love company! They swim with you in aqua grabber and bounce on trampolines as play these guys are seriously cool and cute.

By Cp player -Pengie77

Well as you know pink puffles are the sportiest of all! They swim in the deep seas of club penguin with you in "Aqua Grabber" and bounce on a trampoline as play, blue may be my favourite colour but these guys defiantly top my list!

By cp player -Pengie77

I like pink puffles the best because they are the sportiest of all puffles! From diving in the deep seas of club penguin with you, to bouncing on trampolines for play these guys certainly top my list.


8 Yellow

This ones my favorite because I like art

Yellows are cute!

9 Blue

As I'm a non-member on club penguin I chose a blue puffle, an average color. I think blue puffle's are as cute as all the other colors. Although members can now get 'gold puffles' which are even cuter.

It is cute and can be used without membership

10 Red V 1 Comment

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11 Rainbow

I don't think it should be 1 because everyone has THEIR opinion and in YOUR opinion rainbow should be 1 but you have no supportive backup information WHY it should be 1 and most would say because it is RAINBOW but in MY opinion I kind of liked it better when the rainbow puffle was a myth, no one knew if it was true or not! But now Disney has to point out that they defiantly exist and making it way too easy for people.

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12 Gold

It has an adorable voice, it takes a bath in gold and it has great dance moves! And they are just ADORABLE!

It's a gold puffle, what more do you want?

It's an awesome puffle.

My favorite

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13 Gray

Guys there is a rare glitch where you can get a gray/grey puffle - bashfulfox

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14 Red Deer

Yo, Red Deer Is Bae. You Dare Insult The Mighty Red Deer Of The Puffle Wilds - CiaranSean

15 Alien Puffle

The alien puffle is super rare, as it only came one time for one occasion, and it never returned after that. It's an amazing finder, as it finds tons of amazing items very quickly. People brush it off as ugly and gross, but it's another loving sweet puffle that deserved love. The Crystal puffle is also commonly brushed off as a gross and weird looking puffle, but not as much as the Alien puffle.

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