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181 D-Regal
182 Amad King
183 Beetu
184 N-Drift

Nakshatra Chadha Alias N-Drift Is a Hindi, Punjabi, English, Desi Rap Artist. He Was Born In A Punjabi Family In Dehradun On 11/April/2014. He Started His Career From Meri Zindagani. He Is A Follower Of Bohemia The Punjabi Rapstar.

His Dream Is To Perform With His Rap Gods Bohemia & Raftaar. He Started Rapping In Class 8. He Is Not Only A Rapper But Also A Music Producer

I Would Like To See Him In the Top 5

185 Dr Zeus V 1 Comment
186 DJ Aasi
187 D.O.G.S
188 Farhan Uddin
189 Little Bohemia

I love you bohemia

190 Sikander Kahlon

Kahlon king of desi hip hop and bohemia is copy of 2pac only sikander kahlon number 1.

Sikander Kahlon is king of punjabi rap after bohemia n rest r just shame for desi hip hop.

191 Lalit Roger V 1 Comment
192 Ali Raja V 1 Comment
193 Jaber the Punjabi Rapper

Jaber the punjabi rapper is one ofvthe best new punjabi rappers

194 Shah Uki
195 Aniket Raturi
196 Raghzz Y

He never sings bad songs

His songs are amazing

His songs are amazing

Bad songs of this guy is not available

197 Cyng Alistay
198 Rapper Khatri
199 Pankaj D Rapper
200 Yc Gujjar V 1 Comment
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