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61 Desi Elusive V 3 Comments
62 Zammu Rapper
63 Shar S V 3 Comments
64 Rapper Mani

Rapper mani rap is so good
I like there rap

65 Hamxxxa
66 Sucha Badshah

He is one of the best up and coming rappers out there. The first one EVER to do Gangsta rap and use bad words in his raps. Check him out on YouTube

Watch out for him!

Love his song "Sade wargana koi"

I say he is the next big rapper

V 10 Comments
67 Millind Gaba

Best rapper best singer best writer you are brilliant fantastic fabulous and my favourite

I like millind gaba song beautiful

Singer of world

It is a good rapper

V 1 Comment
68 Rapper AK
69 Kru172

He is number 1 singer and his group is so best...

V 1 Comment
70 RBT Rapper
71 PropheC

I love his all songs... Thanks

V 1 Comment
72 Deep Money V 1 Comment
73 Endrom

He is the best Punjabi rap writer...

V 4 Comments
74 Sj Rapper

Mah life is like a open book, a star born on 08jan 1994 and I love d way I am.. And if anyone try 2 show me attitude den mine will even kill that person and I have big heart and kind nature.. And I am a fun loving person.. Love 2 spend time what frnds.. I m highly fashionable what mah unique dressing style.. Love Rapping, Romantic Songs playing Games and don't expect mah life wthout mah Rap... )
Born in Chandigarh And Sj Rapper started his music career young. Age Of 15 and begin his journey into the musical world. Learning How To Play The BeaT.

V 3 Comments
75 Rap Master Rabh

New rapper with awesome songs like bewafa girlz, aaja aaja ft rapper ashish arora etc

76 Jabbar Gujjar

Rapper king bohemia baki saab

77 Humble the Poet

A lot more heart than all the rappers listed here.

His raps is unbeatable and his so. Nice

78 Mr.M Saifi
79 Romi Vee

Great style of rapping... Keep it up bro!

80 Bun-e Saab V 1 Comment
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