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21 Raw Power - Iggy & the Stooges

Should be up der

22 Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies
23 My War - Black Flag
24 Hardcore '81 - D.O.A.
25 Big Choice - Face to Face
26 Bad Brains - Bad Brains

It's a classic, if you only have 1 punk album make sure this is it!

Best punk album of all time in my opinion

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27 Smash - The Offspring

My favorite offspring album! Should be higher up. # 15 at least

What? Smash was the best selling album ever sold on an independent label. And isn't the whole independent label thing what makes punk what it is,

28 The Empire Strikes First - Bad Religion
29 Plastic Surgery Disasters - Dead Kennedys

One of the best punk albums of all time. Better than their debut, which is also one of the best. - Cyrobian

30 (GI) - The Germs

This album gets my vote; it's punk at it's ugliest and truest form

First hardcore punk album - Caleb9000

31 American Idiot - Green Day

Republicans must have gotten to this list :( - mr_crossover27

I'm a republican and I still think this should be in the top ten. The storyline is beautiful, as are the lyrics and insturments. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool really know how to be a great band and touch the hearts of many. American Idiot is my favorite album of all time. This should really be higher.

How the hell is this 27th? It's better than insomniac, enema of the state and any other album on this list! This album defined the 2000s and propelled Green Day back into superstardom after a decade of declining success

34th!? This is the greatest album of all time! Oh, and how the hell is this below Insomniac. 3rd, Really? - NvGNick

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32 Rancid (2000) - Rancid
33 Join the Army - Suicidal Tendencies
34 Mondo Bizarro - Ramones

Life altering album. From attacking the PMRC and fighting for music freedom, (Censor) to the emphatically singing about working class struggles/fatigues, (The Job That Ate My Brain) to a beautiful, powerhouse of a single, that called out the blatant apathy in this world with disgust in the most eloquent way that's ever been recorded (Poison Heart). This record even goes 'Touring' back to 1977 punk with 'Rockaway Beach' references. Every song is 5 out of 5 stars and fantastic. Dynamic with its loud, aggressive, fast punk songs to gut wrenchingly powerful songs. This, along with Never Mind the Bollocks, are my favorite punk albums. Mondo Bizarro has always been a pearl of a record, but hasn't been allowed to shine due to the clams that are the media, who diss this cult classic. - shawnwalker

35 Golden Shower of Hits - Circle Jerks
36 Don't Turn Away - Face to Face
37 Leave Home - The Ramones
38 The Stooges - The Stooges
39 Life in General - MxPx

Once again, this album was a part of the Punk Rock Revival explosion in the 90's. The album is one of the most brilliant and well-written compositions of all time, and is a jewel of of Punk Rock, as well as Skate Punk. The beats are fast, the drums are unimaginably well coordinated, the bass lines are catchy and energetic, and the guitar is schreechy and hard pounding. A true inspiration for the mordern punk scene.

40 Horses - Patti Smith

Higher than I thought. people always forget about patti smtih. this is a peotic masterpiece. makes top ten( for any genre) for me - RecklessGreed

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