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81 Family Man - Black Flag

Black Flag embodies everything it means to be punk. I love Black Flag.

82 Slip It In - Black Flag

By this time Black Flag became one of the leading bands of the American punk scene. They started incorporating lengthier songs with more complexity in them. There were influences from jazz, heavy metal, and punk rock found in this album. The album was also a precursor to the genre that would become known as powerviolence.

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83 I Against I - Bad Brains
84 Rock for Light - Bad Brains
85 Quickness - Bad Brains
86 End of the Century - The Ramones
87 Too Tough to Die - The Ramones
88 ¬°Adios Amigos! - The Ramones
89 Land of the Free? - Pennywise

This album needs to be higher on this list. - Hun20ter

90 About Time - Pennywise
91 The Day the Country Died - Subhumans
92 From the Cradle to the Grave - Subhumans
93 Worlds Apart - Subhumans
94 The Young and the Hopeless - Good Charlotte
95 Take Off Your Pants & Jacket - Blink-182
96 Superstar Car Wash - Goo Goo Dolls
97 Let's Go - Rancid
98 Milking the Sacred Cow - Dead Kennedys

For the last time. Green Day is NOT punk! They have single handedly ruined the punk scene for all the real punks. Now it's just filled with emos who want to "be cool" and fit in with punk. When that isn't what punk is about.

99 Fashionably Late - Falling In Reverse

Great band can listen to them over and over

100 The Sufferer & the Witness - Rise Against
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