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101 Let's Go - Rancid
102 Milking the Sacred Cow - Dead Kennedys

For the last time. Green Day is NOT punk! They have single handedly ruined the punk scene for all the real punks. Now it's just filled with emos who want to "be cool" and fit in with punk. When that isn't what punk is about.

103 Fashionably Late - Falling In Reverse

Great band can listen to them over and over

104 The Sufferer & the Witness - Rise Against
105 The Unraveling - Rise Against

Amazing everything is a must listen from this album easily the best rise against album

106 I'm Stranded - The Saints

I can't Believe no albums from The Saints

107 Prehistoric Sounds - The Saints
108 Rebel Songs - Goldblade
109 Marquee Moon - Television

Don't tell me it's not punk. This album evolved from the punk/post-punk/no wave scene of New York, and it is a brilliantly crafted masterpiece. I only wish this band had gone on.

Greatest guitar album of all time, hands-down.

110 Frankenchrist - Dead Kennedys

A slightly more commercial and (over-)produced sound than prior DK-albums, but lyrically just as radical and important.

111 All Hallows E.P. - A.F.I

You can't deny that AFI is punk. Listen to their older material and you will realize that they need to be on this list

112 Slime - Slime

Slime's debut, half in English, half in German, is very raw sounding compared to follow-up 'Alle gegen Alle', but remains one of the best punk-debuts of all time.

113 Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts - The Adverts

'One Chord Wonders', 'Bored Teenagers', 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes' and 'No time to be 21' are all defining songs of '77. And T.V. smith is a living (punk) legend. He has more punk in his little finger than all those new "punk" bands together.

114 Bedtime for Democracy - Dead Kennedys
115 In God We Trust, Inc. - Dead Kennedys V 1 Comment
116 Is This Real? - The Wipers
117 Combat Rock - The Clash

It'll never gonna be as favoured like 'The Clash' or 'London Calling', but 'Know your Rights' and 'Straight to Hell' are classic Clash-Songs.

118 Back from Samoa - Angry Samoans
119 Take This to Your Grave - Fall Out Boy

This is the only PUNK album these guys ever made and it's awesome.

120 Separates - 999 V 1 Comment
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