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21 Dave Raun

Dave is awesome, a beast and very skilled.
I'm just trying to make this list less ridiculous. Especially Tre has to go from that number one spot. People with one or two year drums experience or maybe even less could even be better than him. Meg White can even barely be called a drummer.

I personally think Dave Raun is one of the best rock drummers, any sub-genre. He's a monster powerhouse, with metronomic timing, and tons of amazing fills. He just makes music fun.

The people who voted for tre and travis obviously aren't drummers. This guy is so far ahead of them in terms of technical ability its rediculous.

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22 Dave Douglas

Relient-k, if you never heard about this group.. they are just awesome, the drummer have ritm, and enjoy the music knows very well the drums -

Cool. And awesome Drummer!
I think he is the best!

AWESOME DRUMMER! Spectacular technique and consistency. BEATS TRE COOL ANYDAY OF THE WEEK BABY!

23 Shannon Letto
24 Jordan Burns

Drummer if Strung Out. By far the best one out there, just listen to Blackhawks Over Los Angeles to hear what I mean.

Sorry to all of the mainstreamers but Jordan is better than most and could drum circles around Tre or Travis for that matter! I could drum Green Day or blink 182 in my sleep but this guys drumming takes concerted effort to replicate.

25 Felix Griffin
26 Bob Bryar Bob Bryar
27 Richie Ramone
28 Ashton Irwin Ashton Irwin V 1 Comment
29 Zac Farro
30 Chuck Biscuits

Chuck Biscuits should be in the top 5,along with Felix Griffin and Bill Stevenson.

31 Rat Scabies

Rat played with the Damned the 1st UK punk band to Release a single a album & tour the USA. He is the daddy of british punk drummers and the beat behind New Rose the greatest punk song of all time!

Rat should be at the top of this list.

32 Adam Carson

His variation of style and speeds makes him versatile with any style of music. His drumming doesn't lose quality whether it be playing fast or slow, definitely up there with the best.

33 Joey Jordison Joey Jordison Joey Jordison, is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer best known for his work as the former drummer and co-songwriter for the heavy metal band Slipknot as well as guitarist in the Horror-punk band Murderdolls.
34 Bomer Manzullo

Because he's the best punk drummer of all time

35 Dave Grohl Dave Grohl David Eric "Dave" Grohl is an American rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is best known as the drummer for the grunge band Nirvana and the vocalist/guitarist for the alternative rock band Foo Fighters.

Actually though, nirvana's drumming was very punky and fast. give him some recognition

36 Don Bolles
37 Meg White Meg White Megan Martha "Meg" White is an American drummer known for her work with Jack White in the Detroit rock duo The White Stripes.
38 Adam Jarvis
39 Dan Lumley

If the best punk producer Mass Giorgini says he's #1, then he's obviously #1.

40 Johnny Blitz
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