Best Pure Dragons in Dragon City


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1 Pure Dragon

It has a fire move

It's a pure dragon

2 Pure Dark Dragon

This is the best!

Train this dragon with the Pure Light and the Black Hole Attacks. This dragon will not be beaten by the legendaries.

I got this dragon in level 22 by breeding ivory and hedgehog dragon.he is now in 15 level and I have fully trained him.I love this dragon.No legendary dragon can defeat this dragon.

Pure dark dragon is op..i have one named kenpachi..kenpachi means the strongest shinigami in bleach verse..i love takes a spot in my team along with blue (saphira) dragon and pure sea (ancor) dragon..

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3 Pure Metal Dragon

Most of the people don't have metal for combats but after using this dagon they will do

4 Pure Sea Dragon

Sea needs to be at least number 2 on this list it is an absolutely fabulous drag, just see for yourself

I think the pure sea dragon is the best beacase it levels up all the powers of the sea dragon so its really cool. If you read bye. thanks for reading guys!

Pure sea should be higher on the list because it is pretty op. It has really good heath. Also it crits flame and war which is mostly used by other people. Like this dragon.

Guys, sea can critical hit more types than any other element dragon, so…… yeah.

5 Pure Flame Dragon

He's one of the strongest dragons in the game!

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6 Pure Nature Dragon

Should be above Terra I HATE TERRA

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7 Pure Terra Dragon
8 Pure War Dragon

Is not very strong (supprisingly) However it looks amazing and is very detailed and extremely rare.

Its called a Kratus Dragon



9 Pure Ice Dragon

I have a level599 pure ice dragon and its only my dragon and I like it.

10 Pure Electric Dragon

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11 Pure Light Dragon

This dragon is not very powerful but just like the Kratus dragon it looks cool and is very detailed... Come on who wouldn't like a dragon with 6 legs/arms.

12 High Guardian Dragon

Very hard to beat in battle as it cannot be critically hit and at level 15 can beat level 15 dragons in 1 shot

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13 Explosive Dragon
14 Ivory Dragon

We have one called Zak!

15 High Spirits Dragon

High Spirits its heroic. I addict to Heroic dragons

Looks so cool but sadly I missed it the race was months before I got the app. It's also so powerful. I want one but missed the race 😭😭😭😭

16 Cow Dragon

One of the few dragons on my team that has 10,000+ Health
It's elements are Light/Metal/Pure
It's also a Category 8 Dragon (For those who are not familiar with categories in Dragon City, Category 8 Dragons have the highest health of any dragon)'s a cow for pete's sake. - BigCaseofthetens

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