Best Pusha T Songs

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1 Millons
2 I Don't Like I Don't Like Cover Art
3 Mercy Mercy Cover Art
4 New God Flow New God Flow Cover Art
5 Alone In Vegas
6 Amen
7 Pain Pain Cover Art
8 Higher Higher Cover Art
9 Trouble on My Mind Trouble on My Mind Cover Art
10 If You Know You Know If You Know You Know Cover Art
The Contenders
11 So Appalled So Appalled Cover Art
12 The Morning The Morning Cover Art
13 Numbers On the Boards Numbers On the Boards Cover Art
14 The Story of Adidon

It was a great diss but not his best

15 The Games We Play The Games We Play Cover Art
16 Sweet Serenade Sweet Serenade Cover Art
17 Runaway Runaway Cover Art

Where is Santeria?

18 Nosetalgia Nosetalgia Cover Art
19 Come Back Baby Come Back Baby Cover Art
20 Sunshine Sunshine Cover Art

In this song Pusha T raps about problems in America's justice system.

21 Changing of the Guard Changing of the Guard Cover Art
22 M.P.A. M.P.A. Cover Art

How is this song not listed? This is easily his best song. The beat is nasty, the hook is amazing and Pusha delivers like always.

23 Wrist Wrist Cover Art
24 Renegade

Catchy with good lyrics - vikingdylan

25 Good Goodbye Good Goodbye Cover Art
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