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1 Buttons Buttons

Wonderful song, the Middle Eastern music that accompanies the sexy lyrics makes me just wanna loosen up Nicole's buttons. Just makes me picture all six of them dressed up in Arabian garb doing their little belly dances. And kudos to the now "Snoop Lion" on his "all six of y'all on me" and then namechecking all of them. So shoulda hit #1! I really wish there was a chance of them getting back together, but unfortunately that's not gonna happen :-(

This is one of their best songs, its so sexy! Nicole Scherzinger

What a awesome, mind blowing, super sexy performance by Nicole.. Love this song and superb rap by snoop dogg...10 out of 10

So catchy and an awesome song to dance to!
Best of the dolls.

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2 I Hate This Part I Hate This Part

Vote for this song I gurantee this will become your favourite song. This is a stand out track and is better than any song on this list find out yourselves. Do listen this song and you will thank me

May not be as upbeat as some of their other songs, but it's still my favorite.

This song might not be upbeat to all of the other songs however it is still a fantastic song so you should listen to it or even download it.

Honestly one of my favorite songs of all time. I wish it was less autotuned (my omnipresent gripe) but it doesn't pull away from the emotional delivery of the vocal too much. But really, classically trained Nicole Scherzinger does not need autotune! - theOpinionatedOne

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3 When I Grow Up When I Grow Up

This song is just amazing, I hadn't listened to it in a while but when I heard it on the radio the other day I just can't get myself to stop listening to it on replay (x

I totally love it it's so amazing it's my favorites out of all the other Pussycat Dolls songs.

Because I want to be work with animals

I just love it

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4 Beep Beep

The beat is awesome. Love this song!

Love the song and Nicole looks good in the music video!

BEEP is a awesome song if you don't like it you've got a disease and carmit and melody get solo parts and it's Beeping good

5 Don't Cha Don't Cha

I love all there song but Don't Cha is definitily my favorite song ever and I wish they had 90's songs back on T.V. and CD's too. What did the 90's ever do? Bring happiness too the world

I love this song and Buttons. I remember this song coming on the radio and loving it ever since. Truly memorable and iconic hit. My Childhood

It's just a catchy song best song of theirs it was a virus and it made them the biggest names in pop

6 Jai Ho

fantastic combination of AR RAHMAN and PUSSYCAT DOLLS... loved it... should rank 1... itz PCD's best song ever... it was my fav.. it is my fav.. and it will be.. forever and ever

Awesome combination of Hindi and English Music! Fantastic job done by A. R. Rehman and Nicole!

the combination of AR Rehman and the DOlls is really GOOD... - sahith1

Good tunes awesome video

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7 Hush Hush Hush Hush

I love this song because it is the best song the pussycat dolls have ever made. They have some good songs so hush hush hush hush

I just love this piece of art! This songs make many of my memories, just love it

This is such a beau-ti-ful song!
I just love the hush hush;hush hush/i will survive remix! It's GREAT!

8 Whatcha Think About That? Whatcha Think About That?

Awesome sexy song empowering and features missy elliot

Best song ever! So sexy. Should be number 1!

9 Wait a Minute Wait a Minute

Where else can you watch 6 women dance on the roof of a car?

It is my favourite 1 I think!

The key to be as good as PCD have electro songs plenty of albums and have top collaborations and wait a minute has 3 of those things including sexy outfits

Love jamming to this song

10 Stickwitu Stickwitu

The song is so meaningful for me.. Amazing song

Sweet ballad about love its amazing vocals and that's the top ten bye I love PCD

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11 I Don't Need a Man I Don't Need a Man

I don't need a man is a independent song that can get you pumped up.
Besides who needs a man?

Awesome and empowering song the pink is hot carmits let it go part Nicole lip_synchs and melody adlibs and the hairwhipping

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12 Bottle Pop Bottle Pop V 1 Comment
13 Halo Halo

Best song ever by the Pussycat Dolls. It is a beautiful and emotional ballad.

14 Sway Sway
15 Magic Magic
16 Hush Hush; Hush Hush Hush Hush; Hush Hush

It's schamazing the disco celeb cameo Carmen electra and I will survive and afro discoball and the stairs

17 Right Now Right Now
18 Bite the Dust Bite the Dust
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1. When I Grow Up
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1. I Hate This Part
2. When I Grow Up
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