Best Quarterback Rivalries In the NFL

The Top Ten

1 Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning

This is intense but brady got the win over the colts. - footballlover14

The greatest without doubt and will be the longest ever.

While Brady has the rings, Manning has the records.

2 Terry Bradshaw vs Rodger Stubach
3 Dan Marino vs Joe Montana
4 Bart Starr vs Johnny Unitas

Colts vs Packers say no more!

5 Jim Kelly vs Dan Marino

Kelly wins this competition without a doubt. Forget the stats that's for fantasy players - Kelly was the best QB in the AFC that's why the Bills won the conference all those years. A shorter career don't forget Kelly's years in the USFL if you have to talk TDs and yardage.

6 Otto Graham vs Bobby Lane
7 Steve Young vs Troy Aikman
8 John Elway vs Bernie Kosar
9 Johhny Unitas vs Joe Namath
10 Kenny Stabler vs Terry Bradshaw

The Contenders

11 Eli Manning vs Tom Brady

Many people like to avoid this one because Eli Manning has topped Brady in just about every game they have played against each other. Especially 2 super bowls.

12 Daunte Culpepper vs Cade McNown
13 Aaron Rodgers vs Jay Cutler
14 Joe Flacco vs Ben Roethlisberger
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