Best Queen Songs From the '80s


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1 I Want It All

Queen has countless number of brilliant songs. This one is probably my favorite among them - Irina2932

Just a great classic rock song. A bit lyrically simple but who cares? This is awesome stuff!

2 Another One Bites the Dust

Big hip hop influence and all round excellent song and production that still holds up today

3 Radio Ga Ga

I caught on to the lyrics Queen isn't really saying Radio Ga Ga they're really saying Radio Ca Ca and that it so unique, and this song influenced so many people of today like Lady Ga Ga she was so influenced by this song so much that she named this song after her stage name Ga Ga A.K. A Lady Ga Ga, and my uncle is Puerto rican and he loves this song and he made me fall in love with the song as well.

This song is better than all Lady Gaga's songs put together and I'm farr not her hater - Irina2932

4 Body Language
5 It's a Hard Life
6 I Want to Break Free
7 Breakthru
8 Under Pressure

Thi is the best hands down

9 Scandal
10 The Invisible Man

The Contenders

11 Who Wants to Live Forever
12 Save Me
13 Back Chat
14 A Kind of Magic
15 Flash
16 Hammer to Fall
17 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
18 Play the Game
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1. I Want It All
2. Body Language
3. It's a Hard Life
1. Under Pressure
2. Another One Bites the Dust
3. Scandal



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