Best Queensryche Albums


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1 Operation: Mindcrime

I love how Frequency Unknown isn't even on this list - Derrick_Fox

Masterpiece in every way - SoulOfBlack15

2 Empire
3 The Warning

En Force is their best song. - Caleb9000

The Warning is my personal number three, after O:MC and Promised Land. Brilliant power/prog metal that defined the band. Take Hold of the Flame? Roads to Madness? No Sanctuary? Doesn't get much better than that.

Ecellent braktrough album set the standard

4 Rage for Order

Every song is great. Most consistently strong Queensryche album.

Should be No.2 as strong as Mindcrime! Masterpiece of prog metal!

Best QR album not named Operation Mindcrime

Probably my overall favorite Queensr├┐che album. - Element119

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5 Promised Land
6 Queensryche EP

The 1st qeensryche album I bought. I traded it in for another record a while ago and regret doing so. I love this album. I may buy it back. Maybe not their best album but I'm gonna put a vote in for it anyway. 80's metal I love it.

7 Queensr├┐che

Man great songs. Definitely deserves a higher position.

Nice to see Queensryche return with an all new, better sound! - IronSabbathPriest

8 Condition Human

After the ass smelly album frequently unknown and dedicated to chaos they got a better singer. todd shined a light on the self titled album and now this is almost like empire. I can't wait until their next release

9 Hear in the Now Frontier
10 Operation: Mindcrime II

The Contenders

11 Q2K
12 Tribe

This album is SO underrated! - SoulOfBlack15

Only voting for it to put it above the AWFUL Operation: Mindcrime II. That thing doesn't even deserve to be on the list. But yeah, Tribe is a'ight.

13 Dedicated Chaos

Most experimental Queensryche album to date, being closer to Geoff Tates first solo album than to the older material of the band, but songs like Get Started, At The Edge, Around The World and Broken prove that this band doesn't need genre boundaries to make good music

This album is garbage and belongs here. - SoulOfBlack15

14 Take Cover
15 Frequency Unknown


16 American Soldier

At the bottom, where it belongs. - Caleb9000

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1. Operation: Mindcrime
2. Empire
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1. Empire
2. Operation: Mindcrime
3. Rage for Order
1. Operation: Mindcrime
2. Empire
3. The Warning

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