Best Queensryche Songs

The Top Ten Best Queensryche Songs

1 Eyes of a Stranger

And I raise my head and stare... Operation mindcrime is the best record ever to be made! I'll never stop listen to it!

This song was the perfect ending to my favourite rock opera. One of the greatest metal songs of all time.

One of the most addicting and evergreen Metal Song of 80s. Operation Mindcrime, Empire & Rage for Order are Queensryche Finest. Chris Degarmo's Departure sadly reversed the fortunes of this band.

Caps of the album and story perfectly. Hearing all the sounds from the album in the last few seconds is magical and it feels complete.

2 Silent Lucidity

It's a complete work of art in the music field, definitely number 1 in my opinion!

Without a doubt the best song ever written in Queensryche history, it brings out so much sense that it can be compared to Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb'.

DeGarmo was and will always be the genius behind the band's success.

Silent Lucidity is a very clear example of the pure art of writing great music.

This is a masterpiece, no way eyes of stranger is the first place. This song is full of emotions. The best that queensryche will ever make.

As a lucid dreamer myself, I am pleased with how accurate the song is-right down to remembering to write your dreams down in present tense.

Not to mention its just a great bit of music

3 Queen of the Reich

This song deserves more than any other to be number one. It was the first song I heard by them and by far better than Eyes of a Stranger - PsychoSandman33

Queen of the reich got me into queensryche. To be only 4 minutes long and melt your face away! Classic METAL!

Come on. The first place belongs to the Queen of the Reich.

Queen of the reich, enough said.

4 Suite Sister Mary

It is not just a queensryche song it is a metal masterpiece and it's one of my favourite songs by the band.

This is the one that's always caught my ear - DenyYourMaker

Best progressive METAL song ever

One word... EPIC! There voices together are just the most amazing combination ever. MARY MARAY. m/

5 Empire

My favorite song from queensryche. The song is followed closely by operation mindcrime eyes of a stranger and suite sister mary

6 Take Hold of the Flame

Although the whole mindcrime disc is mindblowing, the vocals and sheer passion in this song is mindblowing. Very emotional like much of their music. Awesome band both live and studio.

This is the stairway to heaven, the child in time of Queensryche just a mind blowing masterpiece

What a vocal on this one.

Unquestionably Queensryche's best in my estimation. Just a goosebump inducing song all the way through!

7 Jet City Woman

It's their best song of Empire after silent lucidity and one of my favourite Queensryche songs.

Jet city woman it should be way higher on the list the solos make this the best on empire.

guitar solo is mindblowing

This song was amazing

8 Roads to Madness

This is the ultimate Queensryche epic, better than "Suite Sister Mary" in my opinion, should definitely be much higher! - petrucci75hammet

Go listen that's all

The whole song you can feel the emotions change

Yeah this one's pretty good - SoulOfBlack15

9 Operation: Mindcrime

I'm not really into Progressive Rock but this song is pretty damn epic.

The guitar riffs are outstanding its hard to find such unique power and rhythm behind songs these days

The whole album Op Mindcrime is genius and my favorite. Hard to to pick one.

I love this song, it awesome.

10 Revolution Calling

The lyrics are more relevant today than they were in 1988!

This is the best song of Queensryche, I could listen to it over and over again, it has a very deep mesage that should make us think about the coruption in politics

These are best lyrics the band has, about the coruption in America nowdays.

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11 The Mission

A very powerful and underrated OM... Could easily be on the top of this list... Brilliantly done from start to finish.

As I was typing that Breaking The Silence should be #1, I thought "what about The Mission"... 'enough said...

One of my favourite songs as haunting deserves to be higher right next to eye's of a stranger

A briliantly played song from start to finish. Love Geoff Tate's vocals in this one - IronSabbathPriest

12 I Don't Believe in Love

This is probably my second favorite song. Geoff Tate is brilliant. His amazing 4 octave range is so impressive. It sends chill's down my spine and the hairs on my arms stand up. Please check out some of these songs.

The best song they have in my opinion, Geoff Tate has a wonderful voice. It should be in top five on this list/

This song earned them a Grammy nomination and they deserve it because they made good music.

Do we ever, ever really know

13 Spreading the Disease

Absolutely LOVE this song... Any Operation Mindcrime song could be #1 but this one should be way up on the list! - SociallyxxDistorted

Awesome heavy metal. Should be in top 5.

Best song!

14 Speak

As relevant now as it ever was, and oh so blistering and heavy! LOVE this one more than all the others.

15 The Lady Wore Black

This is the song that put them on the Metal Map... Too bad they don't remember it! They need to get back to the early days of mind blowing lyrics and performance.

How is this song not top 5?

16 Anybody Listening?

Most passionate song by them, most meaning, plus the guitar can't be beat

Think for yourself and feel the walls become sand beneath your feet.

This honestly needs to be higher on the list-this is really a beautiful song. - Element119

Best son of Queensr├┐che

17 Walk in the Shadows

Rage for Order is my favorite Queensryche album. I'd have I Only See in Infrared and London on this list too.

Mine too. Every Song is a best of song! Best album ever. We Are Rebellion or Neue Regel and and and!

18 Best I Can

Makes a man want to be the best man that he can!

19 Breaking the Silence

Top 10 for sure. Come on and get it up there!

I think this should be higher on the list. This song rocks!

One of their best songs. It should be in the top ten.

20 The Killing Words

The most underrated song from them. Such a classic.

21 Another Rainy Night

Not their normal type of song, but this song is AMAZING! Come on, I can't listen to Queensryche without listening to this song. It relates back to their home town of Seattle, and the feeling in this song is great! Queensryche at it's best if you ask me.

Um... The best? Why is this not 1?

22 The Whisper

I believe this song is about an Occult ritual. Really evil guitar riff and lyrics. Huge, epic. My fave after Eyes.

23 The Needle Lies

Maybe not queensryches most epic but start to finish, minute for minute their best rocker period.

This song is sooo great, but nobody ever gives it credit

24 NM 156

Really powerful guitar riffs and drumming. Love the lyrics, seems very politically motivated. Excellent song.

Punch! Punch! Punch! Great solo, ripping metal track about evil computers.

Is logic just a sentiment got this savagery?

25 Child of Fire

A real old school straight forward gem from The Warning, best played loud

26 Warning

This should be their signature song. - Caleb9000

27 Screaming In Digital
28 The Chase

Simply perfect song, a masterpiece! Geoff Tate singing with Ronnie James Dio... a perfect duet! - MegadethRIP

Not there best but it is there most underrated album People overlook the mindcrime sequal but they end of missing this daimond in the rough. An amazing epic song even if it wasn't a duet with freakon DIO

29 Neue Regel

Should be much higher in my opinion groundbreaking and mental in equal measure.

30 Gonna Get Close To You

A little disturbing on the lyrical front but way ahead of it's time and delivered superbly.

Should covers count? - SoulOfBlack15

31 Before the Storm
32 Della Brown

Empire's unsung hero, subliminal song

33 Bridge
34 The Hands
35 Sign of the Times

This Should be at least in the top 3! The vocals and lyrics are just awesome! The rhythm of the song is astonishing. The acoustic breakdown is a masterpiece on its own. This song should really be on the top.

Maybe not number 1, but deserves to be much higher. And the acoustic part is awsom!

36 One More Time
37 The Voice Inside
38 Hand on Heart
39 Promised Land

Epic song, should be top 10 at least!

A pure masterpiece of a tune

40 The Thin Line
41 Anarchy-X
42 Nightrider
43 Damaged
44 Real World
45 Prophecy

Very underrated song that should be in the top 15

46 London
47 Where Dreams Go to Die
48 Condition Human
49 En Force
50 Lady Jane
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