Best Quotes From The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Do you still watch reruns of that show every monday-thursday on viva? I DO!!!!
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1 "Girl, yo feet must be tired cause you've been running through my mind all day!" - Will Smith

Seeing a girl he likes

2 "Now, this is my brother Carlton. We can't afford new clothes, so he just doesn't grow!" - Will Smith

Its funny how he makes fun of Carlton because he is short and also he makes fun of him because he is black but he acts white but besides that Carlton is my favorite character on the show.

I laughed so hard. It's always timeless when Will makes fun of Carlton being short.

While claiming Geoffery is his dad and he left them

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Basically anytime Phil is pissed at Will.

4 "Girl, the way you looking so good. I wish just I could plant you and grow a whole field of ya'll." - Will Smith
5 "What is that, the theme of this family? When in doubt, blame Will." - Will Smith

After ashley tells him getting into truble was his fault

This line is so damn relatable

6 "Any time you see a white guy in jail, you know he did something bad." - Will Smith

This particular episode with Carlton and Will in jail is probably my all-time favorite, and was loaded with great lines.

Will and Carlton are in jail for suspicion of car theft

7 "My first time was with a girl from the projects. Best 50 bucks I ever spent..." - Jazz

When talking about their first you-know-what.

8 "Black people playing tennis, next white people will be tap dancing!" - Will Smith
9 "You mean your knife and fork?" - Geoffrey

Geoffrey's sarcasm and fat jokes are the best, I'm gonna start using them on my friends!

Which episode is this brilliant quote from?

Geoffreys quotes and wisecracks are always funny, especially when he comments about how lazy the others are, and I love his fat jokes Especially when he rips uncle phils dance moves
"if that's a grove, the grand canyons a ditch" laugh out loud

10 "Roses are red, violets are blue, me and jazz are black, Carlton what are you?" - Will Smith

Even though this is raciest it is really funny love you bro.

Really funny

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11 "Oh please, Vivian. You'd believe the boy if he said he was a famous rapper and his album had just gone platinum!" - Philip Banks

No I'm sorry but this should so be the best joke it's like the joke that breaks the fourth wall but doesn't at the same time. Fresh Prince is awesome. Netflix is amazing for bringing it to its library.

In real life, Will had actually gone platinum.

12 "Mirror mirror on the wall, I'm not too short I'm not too tall, but damn if I don't got it all" - Will Smith

This makes it look like he's handsome I'm gonna show it off in front of my friends

13 "How come he don't want me man?" - Will Smith

This one absolutely broke my heart I started crying.

This one was heartbreaking - such a brilliant scene

This brings me to tears every time

14 "I ain't no bungee expert or nothin', but I don't think he's supposed to be slamming into the ground like that." - Will Smith

After Trevor (hilary's boyfriend) hits the ground from a bungee proposal

15 "It's your world squirrel, I'm just tryin' to get a nut" - Will Smith
16 "You know what? I could yell. I could scream. I could even call you names. But you know what? One of us has to be the mature one, AND IT AIN'T GONNA BE ME AUNT JEMIMA" - Will Smith
17 "Hey girl, I'd marry your brother just to be in your family" - Will Smith
18 "Hi. Dad, I need $300." - Philip

When Hilary first meets Will

This was said by Hillary

19 "Oh my god, Carlton! What's that hideous thing growing out of your neck?... Ah, never mind. It's just your head." - Will Smith

its really funny and wills voice just makes it much funnier

20 "I will be doing by banking by mail from now on. Knowing my luck, I might run into a disgruntled postman." - Will Smith
21 "That's how I felt when I came to Bel-Air, like everybody had two skates and I was trying to keep up with one... Thanks for my other skate, Uncle Phil." - Will Smith

Man they were having a bad day and this scene blossomed outta nowhere❤

This is a beautiful scene 😍

23 "I put the 'afro' in afrodisiac" - Jazz

Jazz is such an idiot, but funny.

24 "I had 14 great birthdays without him, he never even sent me a damn card, TO HELL WITH HIM!!!" - Will Smith

This is an emotional quote and just proves that Will is a GREAT ACTOR! :)

25 "Looks like I got plenty of time then" - Jazz

When uncle phil went to get snack from kitchen

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