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101 Shared Belief

No. 25 or so

Amazing colt! R.I.P. Champ!

102 Bold Forbes
103 Park Top

A fantastic filly. She ran in Group 1 races from ages 3 to 6.

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104 Peter Pan

He won the Melbourne Cup twice, the first time he was crashed into by another horse which made him fall, yet he got up to win and then came back to win it again 2 years later

As much as I love Phar Lap, you can't have him at number 4 and Peter Pan well over 100 places lower, came along just a couple years after Phar Lap, and when both at their best, be very little in it I think, Phar lap is beloved in Australia while Peter is almost forgotten, which might explain the great difference in there placings?

Much lower in this list compared with some Aussie names than he deserves to be.
An outstanding staying champion, unfortunately generally underrated.

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105 Street Sense

Zenyattas brother amazing lost 1 race by a head. Deserves lots better! - Gatsby

106 Curlin

One of the 5 best American racehorses ever, won big race, 10 million dollars

He won over $10 mill from just 16 starts

Never ran a clunker..needs to be higher

107 Sage
108 Dash for Cash

Fantastic race horse. Just at shorter distances. And unlike most on this list his babies were killing it in high percentages. 3 bars is another good. Totally revolutionized the quarter horse industry

One of the best horse's in my opinion there are thousands of horse's with his impeccable bloodlines.

109 Ghostzapper

ABSOLUTE FREAK. Ghostzapper is perhaps the fastest horses of a time and would be betting favorite against all but 2 or 3 on this list.

168 behave yourselves, a joke rating, one of the best dirt horses ever

Agreed. He deserves much better than this.

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110 Politician

Watch Jnb Met when he beat festive season from impossible position

111 Afleet Alex

169 are u kidding me? Two legs one of the triple crown with a blow out in the Belmont and he is down the list this far.

He was one of the best horse in is time

He was a great horse, and had a great story behind him

He would have won the Triple Crown, if it hadn't been for Giacomo's fluke win in the Derby.🙄 - eventer51314

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112 Unbridled
113 Golden Spin

My favourite horse of all time, coming second in the Manfred Stakes placing a win record of 9-1-1-1-1-2 and nominated for the Australian Guineas. Too bad he couldn't race as he pulled up lame after the Manfred Stakes, a gutsy little horse he is!

Coming up for group 1, he is certainly capable

Definitely an upcoming sprinter.

114 Gladiateur
115 Refrigerator V 1 Comment
116 Red Fella
117 St. Simon

Never lost a race - one of the greatest sires in history - why should he be ignored because he lived 100 years ago? Every great horse mentioned in this list has him somewhere in their bloodline...

A very good horse. Probably too far back in our collective memories to be rated at the very top.

I would rate him number 2.

You must be kidding me this low,Christ do you people know nothing of blood.
First comment here is dead on.

118 Bonecrusher

Bonecrusher also raced to how well his opponents were. No matter who you were you were going to be beaten. He won them at lengths, he won them by a nose and he won them coming last on the straight - he won everything. This is just a popularity contest, line them up over 2000m and Bonecrusher would've smoked it.

Bonecrusher is the greatest racehorse ever. He just had a huge will to win from the most impossible places ever.

On his day unbeatable... I would him up against any of the horses mentioned here over 2000 at set weights on a
Real track (grass)... Likewise, anything else against Kingston Town at Moonee Valley in any October!

119 Big Buck's

How good was he

120 Invasor

Take the first "1" off of 131 and you'd be a heck of a lot closer.

A natural champion. Won in Uruguay, usa and Dubai.

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