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121 Afleet Alex

169 are u kidding me? Two legs one of the triple crown with a blow out in the Belmont and he is down the list this far.

He was one of the best horse in is time

He was a great horse, and had a great story behind him

This horse is a beast...should be top 40

122 Potoooooooo

Yes. This is the horse's real name. The owner let the stud farm manager fill in the registry papers that year. The man thought he had heard pot an' eight o's. The name was registered the way the papers were submitted. He was an English horse. So much for a cockney's ear. Forget their accent.

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123 Giant's Causeway Giant's Causeway

5 straight group 1's and captured huge racing public respect due to his ability to fight back when headed, went to US and went down a short head to Tiznow who is dual breeders cup winner. Mick Kinane dropping the reigns twice in the last 100 yards, I am sure he would of won otherwise.


124 Tomochichi V 1 Comment
125 Summer Bird

Yuo kiddin me? HE won the Belmont Stakes aganst Mine that Bird. Of course he's awesome! But Zenyatta is better XD

126 Giacomo

Giacomo won the 2005 derby with mike smith as his jockey. He rocks!

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127 Lexington
128 Red Fella
129 St. Simon

Never lost a race - one of the greatest sires in history - why should he be ignored because he lived 100 years ago? Every great horse mentioned in this list has him somewhere in their bloodline...

A very good horse. Probably too far back in our collective memories to be rated at the very top.

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130 Balmerino

Top horse who raced in NZ, Australia, UK and France... Beaten by Alleged in the Arc... Saw him up close as a 3 year old in NZ, he was a beautiful animal.. Big hearted and good on any track

131 Rancher

Seriously, how can this horse be put ahead of the two champions immediately following him? (Dulcify and Northlery)

Never beaten over the straight six (furlongs, 1200M) at Flemington - the home of the Melbourne Cup

132 Dulcify

Never saw is full potential but I would rank him up with the best watch is cox plate win amazing

I truly believe Dulcify would have gone on to be one of the greatest Aussie racehorses ever. Incredible stamina and just loved to run ahead of the pack. I was there the day Hyperno, whom went on win the Melbourne Cup a few weeks later, galloped on him and ripped the hock from his back leg.
Heart breaking.

133 Northerly

If he raced against the best he would beat them. Eye to eye he loved a fight. The fighting tiger

134 Humorist
135 Riva Ridge

If it hadn't rained that day of the Preakness this horse would be in the top 30-40. That's how sure I am that Riva would have won that race.

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136 Hay List

He was one of the best but he kept running into black caviar

He was the best race horse I have ever seen.

137 Vodka
138 Dahlia
139 Lucky Draw

Beat more champions than the majority of horses on this list.

140 Equipoise

The Roger Bannister of thoroughbreds! He's the first horse to break the 1:35 barrier for a mile in a sanctioned race.

The Chocolate Soldier. Avoided the big clash with Phar Lap, but would have been the only one to take him on.

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