Zenyatta had a human quality about her. She was an amazing race horse. I've never seen a horse behind 3 lengths with a furlong to go and win the race after kicking into the highest of gears. Zenyatta winning the Breeders Cup Classic in 2009 was the equivalent of the New England Patriots' Adam Vinatieri winning the 2002 Super Bowl with a field goal on the last play of the game. Even better possibly? Zenyatta running down St. Trinians in the 2010 Vanity. Simply Amazing. If not for jockey error, Zenyatta would have also won the 2010 Classic, and gone 20-20 all time. Mike Smith shook her loose, inexplicably, 2 seconds too late. She beats Blame going away if he plays that race right. Still, one of the best ever!

All things being equal, Zenyatta has to be the greatest racing filly ever. Her closing time in the 2009 Breeder's Cup Classic was the fastest ever (and think of all the boys that have won that race :)) on top of being the only female racehorse to win it. I love Black Caviar, but comparing the two is apples and oranges in my opinion. There should be different categories so I could vote for because, too.

Was not a true believer until the 2009 Breeders' Cup, but saw that race in person and that was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed. Looked hopeless at the quarter pole and then the burst. Can't believe she was not 2009 horse of the year (thanks east coast bias). If not for Mike Smith's worst ride ever in the 2010 because classic she would have been undefeated.

A truly amazing filly. There has never been another filly like her. She was the peoples horse along with Secretariat. She beat the boys in the Breeders cup...and captured our hearts with her appreciation of the love that the crowd had for her. She brought the sport back for all us fans. Love her and Mike Smith who loved her as much as we did.

I have to agree with you. After watching hours of racing, I came upon Zenyatta. I watched all of her races. As far as I am concerned, She is the greatest racehorse that I have watched. It was great When she ran the Breeders cup classic, with all the boys and totally creamed the boys. She is the greatest--Yes!

What she has accomplished is right up there with Secretariat... She should have retired undefeated and listed as arguably the greatest racehorse of all time... She beat the top horses in the country, dirt, synthetic she found a way to win... We were all blessed to see Zenyatta race against the top horses in the country!

What makes the worlds best race horse? Wins, track times, records. Zenyatta has all of these but also something else. She has showmanship, carisma- before her races she would dance for the crowd. She knew she had won her races and carried herself like a queen. Every race she had you at the edge of your seat screaming for the impossible and she delivered time and time again. Not to mention she was a filly taking the boys to task at the age of 5!

Zenyatta is a true marvel! What other horse consistently stayed at the back and made up 10 lengths on the OUTSIDE of a four horse width? Her size, stride length, and magnificence cannot be matched by any other horse past or present.

REALLY!? Zenyatta? Dumb isn't it? Zenyatta doesn't belong way up here. Not before true greats like Seattle Slew, Affirmed, Alydar, War Admiral, Round Table, Bold Ruler, Gallant Man, Spectacular Bid... You get the picture. She was an amazing filly, but not the best, not anywhere near Ruffian. Definitely the best female of the new century but I don't know if she could beat a horse like Shared Belief. Ask Mike Smith. He's ridden both of them

You need to YouTube her races if there is even a shadow of a doubt. The best horse I have ever seen. Often trailing near the back and many pundits could be forgiven for thinking " she has no chance, she's blown it"... Watch and learn.

Definitely a very exciting horse. I don't know if she should be the top, but if no other filly in the top 10, plus her amazing ability that only failed 1 time in her career, id say maybe she should be ranked highest on this list. Isn't it odd that she loses the last race she ever planned on running. To bad.

She is the best horse, she is the first and only filly to win the Breeder's Cup Classic against the boys. She loved to win and proved it by winning 19 out of 20. She knew when it was time to race and loved to prance for her fans. What a horse! Go Zenyatta!

Zenyatta was the greatest race horse of all time and I've been following horse racing for 40 years, she gave me goosebumps! She showed why she is the greatest horse in the loss tracking blame down, wasn't her fault!

If you take a closer look at Zenyatta more than half the races she won were against the same fields at Hollywood park and Delmar, taking nothing from here she did what she was supposed to do and took home the money, but to place her above horses like Affirmed, Seattle Slew, and the best horse in this past 30 years plus Spectacular Bid shows that this poll doesn't really know racing.

Zenyatta is the best horse of all time but on her last race the jockey put her in the inside of the rail but on the other races she was put on the outside of it and she won she would've won if he would've put her on the outside of the rail

Zenyatta is in the top 5 people loosing 1 race by a nose to stallions and winning all the rest. She could of had a chance to win the triple crown

Zenyatta is an amazing because she won the breeders cup and that is one of the hardest races for a filly and she was the first ever filly to win it and she beat all the boys and she in 9 place please how about first

What makes Zenyatta the greatest horse male or female of all time is that she in but 2 races was really cantering and not even trying to win. When horse and all animals really run they flatten down their body to get maximum stripe. she catered in the 09 classic. the only races she actually tried was the 09 clement hersch and the 2010 classic

How to describe this queen? Though she lost in her 20th outing, in that race she proved how amazing she is. Had she won, she would have topped the list!

I love Zenyatta! She never failed to entertain us. Her personality made millions fall in love with her. I follow her now as a broodmare and I have to say she's just a great mother. She has two striking colts and a beautiful filly. Can't wait to see them on the track. Cozmic One is two and so is Rachel Alexandra's colt, Jess's Dream. We never had the chance to see a Rachel vs. Zenyatta, but maybe we will have the honor to see these two regally bred colts square off on the track.

Zenyatta she is a queen of racing her presence her charismatic dancing style of course she was and she is the queen mother of two handsome colts

Came from 20 lengths behind in every race Hollywood couldn't have written a better movie script! That's the real excitement of horse racing!

Greatest Horse ever! Even in defeat she looked amazing coming back from what seemed to be an unimaginable distance to lose by a nose...

Best female horse I've ever seen! 17 for 17!

Zenyatta beat the girls and boys! Her come from behind speed was poetry in motion! Simply the best of my generation.