Best Races in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

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Funny how Nord is the only interesting race in The Elder Scrolls series.

I am proud to be a Nord.

Love being a strong bearded nord charging into the midst of any battle.

Nords are the original warriors of skyrim and are great with two handed wepons


Khajiit are literally the best race. They start out with the highest thief skills like sneak, pickpocket, and lockpicking and also have high one handed armour. And plus, they just looks badass. I mean, who doesn't want to be an awesome warrior cat?

Nothing describes "fury" better than a Khajiit racing around the battlefield, faster than the enemy can swing, and nothing brings terror more than a Khajiit's fangs speeding from the dark towards you!

Cute! Who doesn't want to be an awesome cat being?

Who needs weapons when you are a Khajiit. Best race, especially when you need to get around quickly


Highest resistance to magic plus the only race to start the game with a conjuration spell important for building the skill up early in the game

They are the best at everything who do not want 35 residence to magic truly the best race in the world they can do everything and they make good nightingale

They in my choice the best race is the Breton there bad ass mages and worrier there is nothing that can stop them

Breton are also really good worriors and thief and assassins I have a level 122 master nightingale Breton and he bad to the bone


Awesome warriors but also fun to play as Mage or thief just to be different

The ultimate Beast/Warrior of The Elder Scrolls!

Orcs are, in my opinion, the greatest warriors in all of Tamriel. They may not be great mages, cunning thieves, or deadly assassins, but they are, however, the most deadly race to ever wield a weapon!

Orcs are OP in the vanilla game. Best racial period. Also orcs look badass


Who doesn't want to breathe water and be immune to disease and be a lizard boi!?

Mine is red and blacks and sounds like a snake... Plus its almost impossible to turn into a vampire and ruin the game... Argonians are the best full stop!

The unlimited time underwater really helps when you are trying to get away or hide. Very helpful ability to have.

Any Argonian could beat a High Elf easy.

Wood Elf

I am usually the archer in RPG games, so wood elves are my first choice. Plus they have 50% disease resistance.

Their aweosme and their the greatest archers and are 50% resistant to diseases and look cool compared to the other elves

Great little thieves and the best arches in the whole or skyrim! Fantastic assassins too

Role playing a wood elf is very challenging and that's what I love about playing as them

Dark Elf

Who's more badass than somebody that does not care about any other race and say it their faces?

Dark elf is the best because it gives better skill to destruction and using destruction magic is more fun than using swords.

Dark elves are malevolent when they want to be, but also exhibit a suttle elegance.

Fire elves own plus morrowind and its creatures is beautiful


Resisted the thalmor after the empire abandoned them, pretty badass!

Redgaurds are gifted talented warriors of hammerfell, fantastic with a bow as well as a mace, dual wielded of coarse. Also a fun character to interact with such as Iran or saadia!

It's SOoo fun to kill with a bow


By far imperials are a good mix of anything you want. On the downside, they are pretty pathetic compared to other races just because they have no good particular useful talent. Also it's not fun to be pressured into joining the imperials because you're an imperial

Useful for people who just want to settle down with a nice home. Because imperial luck skill gets you WAY more gold.

I like imperials because they have imperial luck which gives me a lot of gold.

Most normal looking out of them. And they go through all of then

High Elf

Why are High Elves on the list? They only care about themselves and are similar to the Nazis in many ways

Really? Number 8? I know most are generally either douchey Thalmor members or snooty in general, but playing as a High Elf is pretty awesome! They look awesome and since you have 50 Magicka, you can work on your health and stamina for a bit. Also, most mage skills are already levelled up a bit. Plus you get some decent spells (for beginners anyway) automatically.

We Altmer (or High Elves for those who do not know what 'Altmer' means) are the superior race for many different reasons. Reason number one is we are the greatest when it comes to magical ability. We practically invented magic. Reason number two is we defeated the Imperial army. Sincerely, a concerned Altmer.

The reason why the High Elves are the superior race is because they are genetically superior to every other race in Tamriel. Most races have a lifespan of 80 years but the Altmer can live for thousands of years. Which means High Elves can master every single fighting style and could become the most skilled warriors, mages, archers, thieves, assassins, etc. Also they are the tallest race in all of Tamriel.

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I wish they would come back in a future game

They're too short

Worth the try lol


Alex is the master Race. More specifically Alex Robinson.

I love internet so much.

Best race


Dragon A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.
Snow Elf

They would be so badass to have one too play as, they have legendary magick

They would the best out of all elf


Fattest race ever

It the most rarest race of all time gay

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