Best Rachel McAdams Movies of the '00s


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1 Mean Girls
2 The Time Traveler's Wife
3 The Family Stone

I love Rachel McAdams as ( " the mean sister of the family " but adorable ) in this movie.
Not my favorite film but my favorite Rachel McAdams performance. If you see the DVD and you never saw the movie don't hesitate to buy it.

4 The Notebook
5 Red Eye
6 Sherlock Holmes
7 State of Play
8 Wedding Crashers
9 The Lucky Ones

Really good movie. It's about 3 soldiers ( Rachel McAdams included ) who have a 30 days leave from Iraq to get back in the United States. Because of circumstances they get grouped together on a non-planned roadtrip ( in a rented car ). It's not a " war " film ( it focus more on their adventures during the roadtrip ). Rachel McAdams gives one of her best performances ( and she's damn looking hot during the whole movie in a Tank top and tight jeans ) as the " lost sad girl " who compensates this with toughness towards strangers and over-love towards the ones she's close to. A must watch and a must own on DVD movie.

10 The Hot Chick

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11 Married Life

Underrated dark drama-comedy. Rachel McAdams looks very beautiful as the glamourous young widow.

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1. The Time Traveler's Wife
2. Mean Girls
3. The Family Stone



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