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1 Mean Girls

If you see Lindsay Lohan now and Rachel McAdams now you see that Rachel McAdams is the real talent. At least she is loved by millions fans. You can't say that of Lindsay Lohan anymore.

2 The Notebook

The Notebook, is to me, such a real, passionate, storing of enduring and committed love. I can never get enough of this amazing movie and have viewed it umpteen times. Talk about steadfast love from their first meeting, to the very end of life...especially when age and illness intervene! Just loving The Notebook!

This is like the one of the best movies it is so beautiful I agree this should be number one I cried and laugh this movie was just wow wow maybe old but steal amazing steal seeing it 2015 and maybe in 2016 I will thanks to my sister I got to see this movie thanks for this movie its one of a kind

In the role off Allie in her forbidden love story with Noah in a movie that will stand the test off time - MatrixGuy

Their love story is incredibly amazing.. ;-).. One of a kind love story.. Hope it happened in real life

3 Midnight in Paris

She's great in this movie but the movie itself don't exploit her acting skills at her best.
This is because the too overrated director ( Woody Allen ) is not doing a great job to use her talent. I love Rachel McAdams but I think this movie shouldn't be at the second place.
There are much better movies with her to be ranked higher than this one. But that's my opinion of course.

4 About Time

I love this movie altough it's maybe a little too long. She looks great with bangs.

5 Sherlock Holmes
6 Spotlight

Can't believe that Rachel McAdams who was nominated as best supporting actress at the oscar awards didn't won for her performance! A must for every Rachel McAdams fan and a must for every non-yet Rachel McAdams fan ( after that you will be! ).

7 Wedding Crashers

What an amazing. I certainly think it is one of her bests. Character Development was awesome. YOu must not miss this one. Best ever!

Great comedy! This movie is really underrated. This and " morning glory " are my two favorites movies with Rachel McAdams.

8 Passion

One of the Rachel McAdams movies where her sensual acting stands out.

Rachel is so seductive in this one

9 Red Eye

Rachel McAdams is famous for romantic movies but in this one is a serious movie. Her acting is amazing

This one is a very thrilling movie... Really love this one... Must see this.. :-0

10 The Vow

Rachel McAdams is fantastic but the actor Channing Tatum is a real let-down. This guy can't act. This movie could have been better with another male cast.

I love this movie, even though it is sad. Channing Tatum is hot in his movies, especially this one. Rachel and Channing are both awesome in this film

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11 The Time Traveler's Wife

She's good here I suppose

12 Morning Glory

Look for the scene in her underwear in this movie. Nice ass.

13 Game Night

I think Game Night his her best performance. - 2storm

14 My Name Is Tanino

Her " Italian " movie. Great scenes of her in bikini and even monokini. A must watch. For American fans difficult to obtain because this is import with European zone-dvd.

15 The Hot Chick

Not really a Rachel McAdams movie. She plays the popular schoolgirl ( a little bit like Regina George ) in the first 20 minutes of the film before she switched with a man's body ( played by Rob Schneider ) and can be seen for 10 minutes again at the end of the movie. The scenes where Rachel McAdams plays the man with her body ( because of the switch ) are hilarious and very well performed. It's a pitty that this is only 5 minutes in the whole movie because the movie could have been better if we saw more of her playing like a man.

16 To the Wonder

Underrated lovestory-movie. Wonderful acting of Rachel McAdams.

17 Southpaw

This is a wonderful movie and she plays the perfect Mom/wife in this movie. She’s badass to the Bone in Southpaw.

18 Doctor Strange
19 Disobedience
20 State of Play

She really stand out for her acting in this movie. And she looks so beautiful.

21 A Most Wanted Man

Many people are saying that Rachel McAdams isn't good in dramatic roles. They are wrong!
This movie proves that she can act very serious and dramatic roles. She's giving an amazing and convincing performance in this movie. A truly gifted actress, but so underrated.

22 Every Thing Will Be Fine

This movie is not a number one film, but it's definitively one of the best Rachel McAdams top performances. Her acting becomes better and better with the years. It's about time that this wonderful actress wins a oscar! Amazing acting!

Great performance of her, but why she had to use an French accent is beyond me.
She didn't wrote the script but that accent is irrelevant for the movie if you ask me.

23 Aloha

Great romance / comedy / drama. Rachel McAdams is so adorable in this movie.

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3. The Notebook


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