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1 Need for Speed Most Wanted Need for Speed Most Wanted

YES! Best game ever! I still don't understand why people like the Burnout series. It seems like it is way below Need for Speed both gameplay-wise and graphically. And another note for the iPod or iPhone. How is Asphalt 7 ranked higher on the charts than Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012? Asphalt 7 is just a cheap ripoff of Need for Speed, but no one sees my point. SPREAD THE WORD! Gameloft is the worst racing game producer ever!

The best racing game I have ever played
What is better than police chasing and doing bounty
My favorite
Should be at the top
Knocking the bosses and taking their place

This must be at least no. 3 because I don't know about the other games. But this game is awesome and you cannot get bored of this game... Simply this game is the ultimate racing game ever made

Awesome. Pure awesome destruction when having high pursuit, police chase themes are good and blacklist... Yeah!

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2 Burnout Paradise Burnout Paradise

That driving in paradise burning out the tires...
Its amazing man graphics, controls, gameplay everything
Is exceptionally designed and you love to play

This game is epic. Never played such a game. Just innovative!

Open world fun, crashing and not like any realistic driving but that's what other racing games are missing!

Great graphics, great controls, and great fun - Jonerman

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3 Gran Turismo 4 Gran Turismo 4

The best racing game out there. I don't see how Mario cart is number one.

I can't believe Mario kart this is not good game
Pleas vote for Gran Turismo This is Awesome Racing Game In The World Over 200 Cars it Have Please Vote Him And Help HIm Go To The Top King

Gran Turismo is a pretty good game to play. It has a lot of cars to drive that's why I love all the Gran Turismo games. I guessed the same thing with all other racing games. - PikaGT27Celestia

I had an PS2 bad in 2012 just to play this game. A lot of great cars and tracks, from the Ka to the Ruf's, Formulas and Suzuki Escudo.

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4 Mario Kart Wii Mario Kart Wii

Mario kart is more creative, and just all out more fun. Should be at the top, people now just want better graphics and stuff like that, but Mario kart just overcomes the need for stuff like that. The gameplay, tracks, items, characters... Just so much better.

Why in this list the Hot Pursuit 2010 the best game of the racing history are not here how can it possible in my list it is on top Mario kart Wii how can you like it please check out the need for speed hot pursuit 210 on YouTube then say who is better game

Why is this so low? Mario Kart is better than those other racing games!

My favorite Wii games are
2. Twilight Princess - Similar to Skyward Sword, but slightly worse controls.
3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Mario vs. Link vs. Pikachu = Mind Blown.
4. Mario Kart Wii - Best racing game ever.

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5 Forza Motorsport 4 Forza Motorsport 4

Forza 4 is one of the best racing games I've ever played why the hell is it 8th it should be second or something

No way this is 6th. This game is by far the greatest racing game to date. The graphics and physics are unbelievable! The fact that Top Gear helped with the game shows its superiority. - GHO5T45

I have a friend who said, and I quote:"The Forza series isn't a series of games, it is a series of portals to a new dimension." He's got a point.

2nd best after gran turismo. I mean real racing

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6 Mario Kart: Double Dash Mario Kart: Double Dash

I love this game, but all of the Mario kart games are great as well! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Don't be crazy. This game sucks! It has the worst Rainbow Road ever & Peach & Daisy are awful in this game!

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7 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

It's great, so much action and very good graphics

I really like the graphics of this game


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8 Burnout Revenge Burnout Revenge

First game I ever played and the yardstick by which I judge all other racers. Sure the car variety may be crap and the ability to crash into the back of cars and not slow down but speed up is unrealistic, but you know what...its fun. Isn't that the reason why we humans play games?

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9 Burnout 3: Takedown Burnout 3: Takedown

This was the amazing PS2/Xbox title. Takedowns! Nitrous! Had a lot and was fun especially as a kid which I was when it released. I wish I had my PS2 to play this. Should be a lot higher, not bloody 35.

This is the best in my opinion. The best racing game along with most wanted

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10 F-Zero GX F-Zero GX

Such an awesome racing game. Very very fun and very VERY hard as well. - Shadsilvson11

This game easily my favorite it's so challenging yet fair and is stupidly fast that and the graphics are amazing.

So glad I finally beat Story Mode...on Normal - xandermartin98

Amazing and hard at the same time.

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11 Forza Motorsport 6 Forza Motorsport 6

It's a very nice fun game to play for the Xbox One. I just love a collection of cars to look at and also driving them. - PikaGT27Celestia

I love this game! It is addicting, challenging, and fun. One of the few games that does not make me angry. I just like how I surpass the others. I need to play more racing games. - AnimeDrawer

Best racing game to date, no question.

How is the not in the top ten? Easily the greatest racing sim go all time

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12 Forza Horizon 2 Forza Horizon 2

Best racing game I have ever played. There are hundreds of cars to race with, and the graphics are some of the best I have ever seen (after The Crew.) The map is huge and takes place in actual places in the world. And there is nothing to ruin the fun for you while playing it. Rating=10/10

Sadly I made the mistake of buying the 360 version in 2014, that was before I got my Xbox One, this is the worst forza game I've ever played. My 5th worst game. I wish I got the Xbox One version. But oh well, I guess I'll have to sell that game if I want to play the Xbox one edition.

For the Xbox ONE version and not the Xbox 360 version. 360 version sucks, seriously

Top 5 racing games of all time hands down. Love it very fun with stunning visuals.

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13 Need for Speed: Carbon Need for Speed: Carbon

Extremely underrated this one is. And it's pure street racing. In most wanted, you get stuck with the cops, it takes a hell lot of time to beat even one rival, let alone 15. Carbon is simple. Race, use your crew help, win. Cops are a bonus. - ameentheguitarist23

Racing down that huge mountain is fantastic. The drifting is the best, except for undergroud 2. These are still the two best drifter games.

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14 Gran Turismo 5 Gran Turismo 5

GT5 is more towards professional racing. It doesn't allow all the cool drifts and boosts. However the graphics are really good in this game and a wide variety of cars are provided. - avi_026

THIS GAME IS THE BEST OF THE BEST! Don't even think about hating this comment.

Great graphics love the gameplay.. And the online option is great... I think all in all playstion is the best console to have!

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15 Crash Team Racing Crash Team Racing

Should be a bit higher because it was considered to be one of the greatest kart racing games at the time. Critics even said this game was better than Mario Kart - Mcgillacuddy

I loved Crash Team Racing. Plays like Mario Kart except a little better. Graphics are some of the best on the PS1, and the track designs are awesome. - AlexTopTens

This game was my childhood...i used to play it every single day for at least 2 hours... - Co0lk1d25

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16 Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8 V 1 Comment
17 Forza Motorsport 5 Forza Motorsport 5

I can't believe you missed out the best game ever made in the history of video games. This game is at the peak of next-gen gaming. I can't believe that you are disregarding the best game ever for Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005). I'm sorry but that game is anywhere but 1st as Forza Motorsport 5 Limited Edition bags that no. 1 spot by a whole country mile!

Its not the best game ever sheesh the older games are tougher and better than the new ones

How the hell is this game 25... And under NFS:the run. The run is literally the worst racing game I've ever played

18 Gran Turismo Gran Turismo

This game should be top 10 after all it started racing simulation on consoles.

This game does NOT deserve to be near the bottom. :(

19 Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

This game is terrible it's a Burnout game if you people like it then its your loss really... It has no storyline for crying out loud

Best drifting and coolest cars I wish it had customization.

I don't believe this, this game has best feel.

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20 Need for Speed: World

The best multiplayer game. Awfully I can't play the game cause I'm in a country that has low internet speed

They should rename it to Need for Speed: Hackers Paradise

The best multiplayer game. perfect graphics

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