FM6. Best ever

I can't believe this game.

I don't even know where to start... this game makes FM5 look pathetic in comparison. Turn ten had two years to improve, and they've thought of absolutely everything.
1.Rain weather effects: they're stunning. Absolutely stunning. Mist collects in certain areas of the track, puddles collect in the places where they actually collect in real life on the actual tracks, and the raindrops bounce off the car and collect on it. And it's more than just cosmetic. The rain actually massively effects your driving.

2. Mod cards. Collectible cards on a racing game? Fantastic. Ranging from common to super rare, single use to limitless use, mods that help and dare mods, they are collectible, can be bought and sold, and change the conditions of the game, and I LOVE them.

3. Car list. 460 cars at launch of the standard version? Amazing.

4.Graphics. All I can say is, this is the most beautiful game I've ever seen. The graphics are sublime. And it corrects by far FM5's biggest problem: it's jagged lines. On FM6, you have to look really hard to find them, and the surfaces and detail and vivid colours are absolutely gorgeous. And the tracks... they're not tracks, they're environments now. Everything looks perfect. On Laguna Seca, the sand blows across the track in cases of wind. Everything is thought of in intricate detail.

5. Tracks. FM5 was too repetitive with not enough tracks. FM6 has double the tracks, 26 in total, with rain and night variants. And they're stunning, including tracks new to the series that are a joy to race on, such as brands hatch.

6. Night racing. Though not as impressive as the rain racing, it's still FANTASTIC. Limited vision, your headlights lighting your way, or racing through a stadium with light gleaming on your car making it shine, shadows everywhere, everything super realistic.

7. Prize spins. Instead of set amount of credits being your reward for each driver level, you get to spin a wheel and whatever it lands on you win. It's so exciting, and you earn money WAY FASTER thanks to prize spins and the mod cards, but this doesn't affect the balance of the game due to there being double the cars to collect as the previous game.

8.Multiplayer. 24 car races and far improved drivatars anyone?

The true successor to FM3. Finally innovates like that game did. Gorgeous. Best racing game ever, one of the best games altogether.


The rain is amazing - Forsaken