Hidden Gems #20 Crash Nitro Kart

htoutlaws2012 Today we go into the racing genre with a game that is pretty close to Mario Kart as it can get with Crash Nitro Kart the sequel to the PlayStation One's Crash Team Racing which was very similar to this game. This game was released in 2003 in the 6th gen of consoles, and the one that was on all platforms at the time which was weird considering Crash at the time was a Sony exclusive technically.

Gameplay/Story: As I inserted the disc onto my PS2, a cutscene has you seeing the two squads race followed by them getting sucked into this odd world both the bandicoot's, and the usual Antagonist (called team Vortex) must race in the ''modified vehicles'' pumped up with the announcer of the game saying the title. As you start off assuming most players immediately go to adventure which is basically the story mode of the game, and its pretty good. You start off in this domain by default which would be Terra. What you would do is you have to win 1st place or maybe get second if I remember right would also not hurt much. Each domain will immediately have 3 set levels, and after you have won all 3 then you face the given champion. The difficulty gets slowly a lot tougher at that point. Barlin was not too bad, but when you get to Femoena then the game is a real test of endurance. Femoena to me has not only the hardest tracks in the whole game, but its pretty challenging. After beating 3 champions there was one more left. Teknee which the only hard part there is by not screwing up at all against the champion who is pretty fast. Oh then we get to the battle between the main antagonist in the game Emperor Velo who is the ruler of the planet. After you have beaten twice he doesn't let you out as he demands a rematch, however now your required to go back, and pretty almost 100% the entire game they ain't gonna let you be down like that no try really testing your limits now. After a few hours of beating the CNK Challenge, Relic Race, Crystal Arena, & Gem Cups. Now we are ready to end this once and for all, we beat em now can we co, but wait suddenly his not the ruler you knew this entire now he's really in his true form short like the rest of the crowd who knew right and your sent back to your world like nothing happened.

Final Observations: The power ups in the game are very decent, but they do not stick out like they do In Mario Kart it was okay for its time, but nothing really was indestructible like the blue shell of course. Its a pretty fun game that was kind like a clone, but it did its own thing more less which I liked a lot. I say if your curious on a good example of a Mario Kart like game done right I say look for this one I think its better the predecessor slightly because of the cutscenes added to it where the original did not have anything special after you won the race. I say this game gets a 8/10 until next time.