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21 Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Excellent open world racing game, easily the best I've ever played. Fully customizable cars combined with open world elements make this game exciting and hard to beat. The races can actually be incredibly challenging and are never on a closed track. There are a few glitches, but overall this is the best RG I've ever played and I hope the series is continued...

This is the best racing game ever with all I want. It is definitely no. 1 by a landslide. Why the heck is Forza Horizon and Need For Speed way too high on this list?

It just sits here at the bottom at the list when it should be at the top

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22 Need for Speed: World

The best multiplayer game. Awfully I can't play the game cause I'm in a country that has low internet speed

They should rename it to Need for Speed: Hackers Paradise

The best multiplayer game. perfect graphics

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23 Mario Kart 64

This should be top 1! Seriously, I hate this list and Mario Kart 64 will forever be the best racing game there is. I especially love Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64 and would give this game 10/10 stars.

24 Forza Horizon

I have really great memories playing this with and without my friends. Doing the road trips, playing infected, painting cars, doing rally races, collecting cars and just simply racing my mates. You simply can't ask for more. I think this is arguably the most complete game on the list. Barely any glitches, great graphics and awesome gameplay, seriously, how is this not number 1.

Forza horizon is an amazing game. It's not as realistic as other games like gran turismo, but you have an open world to drive in, a very wide selection of cars and customization parts, and online play is fairly decent and without a whole lot of glitches

I have the second installment of this series of games. The game has an enormous world with almost complete freedom of movement, and several hundreds of cars.

I would of chose nfs most wanted 2012 or horizon three and hot pursuit but this on stands out between many game and has a sort of essence to it. horizon also has more options and a better multiplayer systems then its younger brothers and also has unique cars and different dlc's that you can download. its also got a unique story to it that makes it different to the others and has different race styles and car types. so it a great game over all

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25 Forza Motorsport 3

More quality feel than FM4, this game is a brilliant game. - EvilAngel

over 400 cars, I think that deserves a run - Doodification

26 Gran Turismo 6

May not be the best Gran Turismo, but my vote goes to it. I've put in so many hour and I'm glad that many other people see the amount of variety in it as well. Some Pros and Cons coming from a long-time player:
- Good Graphics
- 1200+ Cars. Though a good 100 can be duplicates that are scratched off, every car had a rival, a unique feel, and a nice provided backstory.
- 100+ tracks. enough said.
- Variety. As mentioned earlier, rally, drift, circuit, even go karts, its all out there!
- 16 player online. May not be much, but it's a perfect amount for those small tracks or open straightaways.
- Tuning. How can I say this... every little bit put into tuning will always provide a result, whether I'm trying to tune for a 1/4 mile or those tight circuits.
- Customization. Too many wheels. So many wheels, its almost a con. Plenty of colors, too, from matte to chrome.

- Lag. Online lag, it seems to plague all who go near that one shaky driver.
- ...more

27 Mario Kart DS

Admit it, you probably play it a ton if you have a 3DS over Mario Kart 7. Sure, it has poor graphics, but who cares, as long as it's fun.

I don't play video games, I've never really like video games, but I really loved this game. During summer camp, me and some random friends (mostly guys) played Mario kart with our Ds. I always picked Yoshi. Aaahhh... good memories from the past (; - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

28 Test Drive Unlimited

This game is the it is like a simulated game its just the best

Dang this game is hard, the traffic - mgracer48

Racing simulation... no, this game aren't like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport in the physics, but have beautiful graphics to an one decade racing game and have a lot of good and funny things to do.

A little bit of The Sims and Need for Speed, it is what Test Drive are...

29 Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix

Fantastic racing game! Realistic customization and a superb gaming world make this a title you simply cannot stop playing!

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30 Dirt 2

I fell in love with this on first play... Awesome controls, amazing visuals, and great multiplayer. This was, and is, a most have

31 Diddy Kong Racing

I have both the N64 and DS versions, and I'm kinda stuck between the two, but leaning a bit towards the N64. It's one of the funnest racing games I ever played! - AlexTopTens

32 Need for Speed: Underground 2

I really love the atmosphere of this one. Haven't seen a racing game give such a great vibe. Its always night and the city/street neon glows were fantastic.

ARE YOU SERIOUS! It should be way higher. Maybe not as high as burnout paradise, but still, this game is awesome!.!

33 Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

Oh the nostalgia playing this gameā€¦

This should have been above gt4.

34 RalliSport Challenge 2
35 Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

The best ever

This should be much higher

It's fast, blue and NOT RALLY AHH I HATE THESE!

36 Need for Speed: The Run

Best nfs game after nfs most wanted 2012 by creterian

37 Dirt
38 Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

Awesome game with cool soundtrack

39 Test Drive Unlimited 2


40 Carmageddon
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